Is There An Event That Is More Steeped In Awesomeness Than This Year's ADCC World Championships?

The second half of the year will give us some exciting moments in MMA. We will see Fedor face Hendo, Rampage take on Jones, and finally get to see Cain versus JDS. The action is going to come hard and heavy from July 30th on. But, in the middle of all these incredible MMA events we will see what might be the greatest ADCC World Championship in its history. There is so much to look forward to this year and as the names of competitors are being released I'm salivating for this event. Let's look at what is to come on September 24th and 25th in Nottingham, England.








Currently there are three Super Fights tentatively scheduled and they alone are worth paying attention to this event. We will see Jacare Souza face Braulio Estima, Mario Sperry against Renzo Gracie, and hopefully the highly anticipated rematch between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie can be brought back from the breach. The ADCC tournaments almost always deliver but the Super Fight guarantees that we will see matches between true masters of the sport and these fighters are among the legends of BJJ and ADCC competition.


Will we see Rodolfo Vieira face off against Roger Gracie in a dream match?

Vieira dominated at this year's IBJJF World Championships. He was unstoppable. The anticipation coming into this year's ADCC of these two finally facing off has reached a boiling point. We know how dominant Roger is in ADCC and BJJ competitions, he is arguably the greatest ever to compete. But, Vieira  has been otherworldly of late. He seems almost unbeatable. There is a lot that needs to happen for this match to take place. First, Roger has to come out of his rumored September 10th bout with King Mo without medical suspensions or injury. Then both of these men have to defeat other luminaries such as Xande Ribeirio, Dean Lister, Animal Anzai and Robert Drysdale to name a few. If the stars align, and there is a good chance they will, we will witness what should be a classic match up between two titans of the sport.


The Big Men

The absolutes always provide a ton of entertainment. In the past we have seen wild and unusual bouts like Werdum vs Aoki and I'm sure this year will have its share of fun fights. But, the 99+kg division this year has some fascinating possibilities. Werdum, Bigfoot, Monson, Ferreira, Vinny Magalahes, Mario Rinaldi are all scheduled to compete. I, for one, can't wait to see an ADCC virgin like Bigfoot on an ADCC mat. Every other year the smaller weight divisions with competitors like Aoki, Popovich, Galvao, Maia, etc provide the fireworks. And they will provide plenty this year, but the big men have a chance to deliver on this grand stage and that is damn exciting.


Of course the other divisions will give us plenty of action and I can't wait to see who is participating in the absolutes. Here is the list to date of competitors confirmed for the event. Of course "the card is subject to change" but as it stacks up right now it looks like it will be one of the most entertaining and important of all martial arts events this year.

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