What Would Be Your First UFC Walkout Song?

I had one of those days at work today.  We've all had them, and mine usually end with a long trek home via the local subway.  They also include an iPod, and my favorite moody songs.

I used to listen to a lot more hard rock when I was younger, but I started to feel like the negativity of the music effected my emotions.  I began to listen to a lot more positive music, and definitely feel the change.  That being said, I'm not against throwing on a few of my favorite old jams when I'm pissed off or working out.  I'm a certified meathead, and love getting amped up to hard rock breakdowns especially when I'm looking for personal record lifts.

So with no more adieu, here is the breakdown of the top songs I'd walk out to in the UFC, in no particular order:

Rage Against the Machine: Tire Me

This song is a CLASSIC off of my personal RATM CD, Evil Empire.  I love De la Rocha's frenetic pace and raw aggression on this song, and when I'm pissed at the world I really identify with Zach's lyrics.  Also, this song was featured in the movie 'Higher Learning,' in the part that Omar Epps' character Malik is assaulted by his skinhead convert roommate Remy (played by Michael Rapaport.) Remy shouts racial oscentities at Malik while waving a gun, and the ensuing scene is a heated chase with 'Tire Me' really setting the tone.


Tool: Forty Six & 2

Bass. Drums. Awesome.  Off of Tool's second effort AEnima, this song has a fantastic meaning that you should take a minute on Wikipedia to read about.  


The Bled: Sound of Sulfur

Most people are not hardcore fans- especially of the variety where the vocalist sounds like a terrible combination of a squealing pig and cats fighting- but I am one of the exceptions.  I really enjoy the aggression of hardcore music, and this list will definitely show that.  Sound of Sulfur is off this band's album Pass the Flask, their first LP effort.  The part that really defines 'Sound of Sulfur' for me is the mid-song breakdown- the guttural growl of lead singer James Munoz coalesces with the hard pounding pace of the music. If you are a hard rock fan it's worth checking out on Youtube should you not have heard it before.


T.I. : You don't know me

This song is the type that you bounce your shoulders and have a swag to.  Something that makes you look around and feel invincible to the world.  I love that type of mentality in a song, because it's an excellent device for setting a positive mentality before performing. I really like T.I. as an artist, and 'You don't know me' off of the album Urban Legend is one of my favorites.  


Incubus: Circles

Incubus released two incredible albums right around the turn of the millenium, and 'Circles' was the second effort Morning View.  I would really like to walk out to this song because of the initial 30 seconds of hard, heavy riffs.  I think that would set the tone for walking out to get beaten up.

Glassjaw: Stuck Pig

Another band thats style frankly just weirds some people out is Glassjaw, but I'm still a huge fan.  Daryl Palumbo definitely has a weird vocal technique, but he has certified range and can taper his style to different types of music.  'Stuck Pig' starts hard, has a great change of pace, and another excellent breakdown.

Eminem: Soldier

I don't think anything needs to be said about this song.  It's often used as a walkout, and I agree with that decision.

Young Jeezy: Gangsta Music

I love Young Jeezy's album Thug Motivation 101, and this is probably my favorite song on the entire record.  Jeezy has a unique style that I love, and the voice to make infectious music.  'Gangsta Music' is a great mixture of an early 2000's southern beat with Young Jeezy's flow and ad libs, and produces a very similar invincible feeling to 'You Don't Know Me.'

So that's my top 8 of the top of my head- Feel free to add any you think I missed.

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