My UFC 131 Predictions.

Hello everyone, here are my predictions for UFC 131. I realize Im still a noob, but I enjoy this. I recently started an MMA blog (like everyone else), would be awesome if you guys could stop by and say hi. 



The rest of the card is on my blog, if you care you can go there and read them. Thanks for taking time out your day for me lol

Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin

First of all, lets be honest. Brock didnt really have a chance against Cigano. His wrestling, while good, hasnt really translated into MMA very well.  He’s  relied more on his speed and athleticism than his wrestling. And has struggled against smaller, more athletic fighters like Randy and Cain. I dont think he would have been able to get this fight to the ground as Cigano has shown some fantastic take down defense. Which would leave this fight in Juniors world, a world where Brock is far behind where he should be. A world where I believe he would end up unconscious, quickly.

However, we dont have to worry about any of that because another bout of Diverticulitis has forced the former Heavyweight champ to pull out of the fight. Stepping in to replace him is power slugger Shane Carwin. Also a giant heavyweight with a decent wrestling base, the difference is that Carwin has chose to use his wrestling to stay on his feet and eventually knock his opponents heads into the cheap seats.  Recent interviews have Carwin claiming that he’s going to stand and bang with Cigano, warning him to “get ready for a war”. This is all poorly coded MMA talk for “Im going to take you down”. But the question is; Can he take down Cigao? I dont think so. Ring rust, a sudden change in opponent and a bad habit of slugging instead of actual boxing all work against Carwin in this fight. Not to mention the much smaller Cigano’s  much underrated footwork and movement. Carwin wont be able to keep up. Cigano busts him up in the first round and eventually gets the TKO here.

Kenny Florian vs Diego Nunes

Former Lightweight title contender Kenny “KenFlo” Florian will be making his featherweight debut this weekend against Diego Nunes, whos fresh off a 3 fight win streak and a win over former WEC title holder Mike Thomas Brown. Kenny is going to win. Easily. And here’s why; Nunes doesnt posses any of the traits needed to stop KenFlo. Gorilla strength? Nope. Vicious wrestling? Nope. Supernantural BJ Penn-ness? Nope. Nunes is  a decent kickboxer with barely above average submission skills, in other words, he’s taylor made for Kenny. I say KenFlo uses his length to keep Nunes on the outside and picks him apart until he gets ready to take him down and submit him.

Jon Olav Einemo vs Dave Herman

Einemo hasnt fought since 2006, and even when he was active in MMA, his only fight against a worthy opponent was a loss to current Strikeforce Heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum. To be honest, Im not sure what he’s doing in the UFC and lets not pretend like his submission win over Roger Gracie in 2003 means anything, because it doesnt. I like Einemo, but he doesnt have a chance here. Herman will win this easily, he’s to big and to strong. Pee Wee by TKO

Demian Maia vs Mark Munoz

This is your classic BJJ practitioner versus wrestler. We already know what these guys are going to try to do to eachother. Maia wants to submit Munoz, and Munoz wants to take Maia down and pound his face through the canvass. Unfortunately for Munoz, his wrestling is a bit overrated and although his striking has improved a bit recently, Maia’s Muay Thai has progressed much faster. IF (and its a big if) Munoz manages to get Maia down, Maia has an active enough guard and is dangerous enough on the ground to completely stifle Munoz blitzing ground and pound. I think this fight will end up looking a lot like Munoz fight against Yushin Okami. Once Munoz realizes he cant take Demian down, he’ll check out of the fight mentally and get picked apart on the feet. Maia by decision.

Donald Cerrone vs Vagner Rocha

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cerrone or his cowboy style of fighting. It bothers me when fighters ignore their gifts and go for broke in stupid slugfests. Cerrone’s biggest strength is his BJJ,  he has excellent back control and weaves various submissions together with ease.Vagner, whos known for his BJJ poses a fairly significant threat on the ground. This may be the only time Cerrone would be smart to keep this fight standing and duke it out. Cerrone by TKO.

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