UFC Undisputed 3 Beta Testing Glitches



I received a beta version of UFC Undisputed 3 but neglected to tell anyone. Predictably, there were tons of errors. On the positive side the game modes are deeper than ever, including "Press Mode" where you're an undercover MMA reporter trying to avoid Dana White's dreaded credential revoking. But let me break down the glitches for you.

  • Accepting a Fight. There's now a second component to career mode where you can assume the role of a current UFC fighter and effectively start from scratch as if you were a regular CAF. I played as Jon Jones, won the title easily, and defended my title against Rampage Jackson via 2nd round submission. I got a message from Joe Silva in my inbox about defending my belt against Rashad Evans. I went to the menu and I pressed "accept" and the game promptly froze. This occurred 4-5 different times.
  • Game Freeze. Game locked up any time my opponent was Sean Sherk or Anthony Johnson
  • Disqualifications. Undisputed 3 really stresses accuracy and carefulness, as point deductions and DQs have now been added both ways. In a quick fight between Matt Mitrione and Cheick Kongo I defeated Kongo via DQ due to 3 groin strikes on kick attempts and 2 knees to the balls in the clinch. It really captures the pain and agony. There's a cut scene where the referee takes the offender away and warns him or deducts a point as your fighter writhes on the ground or tries to shake it off. I'm pretty sure I broke the system when I played as Jon Jones. I put in my "finish the fight" combo on the ground and I landed six throat strikes, 7 12-to-6s, 5 eye-pokes, and a few fish hooks.
  • Leonard Garcia Glitch. I stopped Leonard Garcia multiple times -- all by KO, so yep, nothing about fight outcomes has changed -- but instead it took me straight to the judges' scorecards, where I lost 30-27, 28-29, and 29-28.
  • Create a Card Mode. Set up UFC Fight Night: Guillard vs. Pettis and my loading time took for-freaking-ever. While I waited the game was filled with ads for terrible Kevin James movies and even worse Jim Carrey flicks. Then Goldberg and Rogan took me through their virtual previews of the card I set up (Guillard vs. Pettis, Dunham vs. Wiman, Pearson vs. Stout, and Benavidez vs. Bowles), it went straight to commercial and never came back out.
  • Bruce Buffer. Amazingly, Buffer pronounced "Leicester" properly. Got to fix that.
  • Jon Olav Einemo ended up 75-0 CPU vs. CPU fights against 15 different heavyweights, all by identical first round KOs at the 1:14 mark.
  • PRIDE mode. Managed to KO Rampage with Wanderlei's knees of doom, and as Rampage slumped over the ring he fell off it and landed on a female reporter and stayed there for 40 minutes even after regaining consciousness. The game ends with 9 members banned from Bloody Elbow for life and shuts off by itself.

Let's remind ourselves that this is just a beta version and I guarantee these glitches will disappear in time for the January 2012 release date.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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