UFC 143: Clay Guida Stifles Frankie Edgar for 5 Rounds to Claim LW Title

Yea, that's right. In not too long we could have a main event in which we have Frankie's in-and-out 1-2 festivus vs Clay and his EXTREEEEEEEME BRO(tm) I'm SO HYPE I'm-gonna-take-you-down-and-bury-my-face-in-your-crotch for-25-minutes free for all. So. Extreme. Is this what people want? Is that a fight? The cries of "Gweee-DA! Gweee-DA!" as Clay tried to burrow a hole in Anthony's cup with his face last night seem to imply so. And I am concerned.

I'm sorry, but I am not a Clay Guida fan. No, scratch that, I'm not sorry at all. He took one of the most exciting fighters in the game today and injected him with the terrible just like he does so often. Yea yea "But he subbed all these bros, BRO!" Yea, I'm aware. But if your drinking a pepsi and it tastes real good, then someone comes and sh*ts in your mouth, guess what? You will forget about that pepsi in very short order. And Clay Guida done sh*t in my figurative mouth Saturday night.

It's the shtick that annoys me to my very core. The hopping, the burping, "Slap me in the Face BRO! Aw, my elbow is bleeding, I'll lick that. EXTREME!" My favorite part is when Clay is ready to not be slapped any more and Jason gives him like another 3 or 4 hard ones. Awkward entertainment at its finest. But, I can forgive people of their little quirks, as over the years I have come to understand that it is best just to let fighters do their talking in the cage. Since I stopped listening to Nick Diaz, for example, he has quickly become my favorite fighter (Sorry BJ, Nick puts in the work on his Gastank thus he has edged you out). And I'm sure if I met Clay, he would be cool as f*ck and would entertain any number of stupid things I wanted him to do for pictures. It's the style that I cannot forgive. I present to you a comprehensive and in depth comparison between the fighting styles of Clay Guida and John Fitch. The differences are:

1. Hair.

2. Bouncing.

3. ...

4. Extreme?

Many of my fellow BE'ers often point to MMA judging as the source of frustration for myself and the millions like me. But no, my people! MMA Judging (or lack thereof) is not the problem. As long as there are fights to judge there will be failed fighters there to give bad calls and commit grand larceny, this is not something that will ever change. Yea, put that fight under the Mundial banner and Pettis wins by about 1000 points on the cards, but Cecil Peoples just doesn't give a f*ck, son

There is, however, 2 very simple rule changes that could completely change the pace and scope of the fights we see today, and I will tell you what those beautiful changes are and how they will cleanse this beautiful sport of top-control wins.

In Part II: Spencer Fisher Stops Clay Guida in 1st Round Blowout

Same Bat Time!

Same Bat Channel!

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