Clay Guida Upsets WEC Fanboys As He Devalues Entire Weight Class

This article is actually about last night's card alone with my "fantasy matchmaking" mode but I needed an attention-grabbing headline.

There is some truth to what I just said about Guida devaluing the WEC, though. Clay Guida has long been a gatekeeper in the lightweight division and he dominated the WEC Lightweight Champion. If Anthony Pettis cannot wrestle or defend takedowns against Guida, then there is no hope for pretty much any of the WEC's lightweights ever becoming a contender in the UFC. Guida just emphatically made it clear that the likes of Cerrone, Henderson, Pettis, Roller, etc. will either spend the remainder of their UFC careers either headlining Fight Nights or with a pink slip. Anthony Pettis and Kamal Shalorus are the only WEC holdovers who have fought a ranked opponent in their UFC careers and both lost decisively. The discrepancy in talent was on display last night and it all comes down to wrestling and cardio. All things considered, absolutely none of the WECers have the wrestling ability to compete at 155.

And to those who think Clay Guida is boring, please re-watch his fights against Tyson Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Roger Huerta, and Nate Diaz. And don't tell me that it's only because he gets his ass kicked sometimes that he's exciting. He was winning the Huerta fight, won against Diaz, and arguably won the Griffin fight which largely featured insane ground action. Hell, I really enjoyed the Pettis fight. It was beautiful to see Guida change levels, get the takedown, and take him to school. Additionally, Clay Guida has some damn good submission defense. When Huerta and Florian submitted him they at least had to rock him before finishing the choke. Otherwise he fended off pretty much any submission Pettis attempted and survived that made final few minutes of the fight where he ended up mounted, only to reverse position. Don't even make any damn comparison to Jon Fitch. Guida probably won't be title challenging any time soon but he is a good fighter and always entertaining.

Son of a bitch, I honestly didn't mean to write two paragraphs on this thing. So let's get to what I wanted to do....



Pink Slip

Francisco Rivera. Three fights and three losses in the WEC/UFC. Bye bye.

Ken Stone. On the wrong end of two violent KO losses. Bye bye.

Ryan McGillivray. I don't really care.

Justin Edwards. He doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

Chuck O'Neil. That was one of the worst fights in 2011. Can they cut Chris Cope too? Wow this season was terrible.


Thin Ice

Josh Grispi. "The Fluke" really is fitting because he looked terrible against George Roop of all people. He needs to thank Jose Aldo for pulling out of the fight because he would've gotten pancaked within 30 seconds. Badly bullied, lost the stand-up game, and Roop finished him off with a crushing body shot for the rare TKO (punch) result. He's got to work on his striking and working off of his back. It wouldn't shock me if the UFC gives him a softball to rebound and stay relevant so I think a fight with Mackens Semerzier towards the end of the year makes the most sense.

Tim Credeur. I've never understood the fascination with Credeur. He punches funny and likes to think he's a dangerous BJJ guy with excellent boxing. In reality he strikes like a 185 lbs Leonard Garcia. Unfortunately the only other interesting fight that could play to his ground strengths can't happen because Jason McDonald is fighting Alan Belcher in September. I suggest he faces Tim Boetsch to give Boetsch another fight to warm-up at his new weight class. Credeur is very expendable.

Ramsey Nijem. Admittedly this is from someone who watched only a few fights from TUF this year, but Nijem doesn't excite me. He swings with reckless abandon and it leaves him wide open to get KTFO'd like he did last night. Yes he finished all of his opponents on the show but he's just one of the "best" of a bad set of talent. I actually don't have anything for him. He's not worth keeping at either WW or LW.



Fantasy Matchmaking

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Brandon Vera. To me this fight has to be made. Kingsbury against the Nine Lives of Brandon Vera would probably be a stand-up battle and a good scrap between guys who like to use the Muay Thai clinch. This is Vera's last chance and I think Kingsbury just earned himself a "name" fighter.

Ed Herman vs. Dan Miller. Good win for Herman in his comeback fight. Would like to see "Short Fuse" battle a gritty veteran in Dan Miller. High likelihood of it being a fun scrap on the ground.

Tony Ferguson vs. Bart Palaszewski. Yes, Ferguson needs to drop down in weight. Palaszewski is perfect for a striking battle. And hey, he beat Anthony Pettis!!!!

Clay Guida vs. Jim Miller/Sean Sherk/Ben Henderson. Possibly all of them at the same time. Guida is "IN THE MIX"!!! Sean Sherk is a good matchup stylistically as they both have reptilian-like arms and move enough for my head to hurt. Ben Henderson against Clay Guida is self-explanatory and it's a fight that should be five-rounds regardless of situation. Jim Miller vs. Clay Guida as #1 title eliminator I guess is okay as Guida would have a huge win to add to his list, and the UFC probably will find some twisted way not to give Miller a title shot even if he beats Ben Henderson and he'll end up with Guida instead. Any of those three opponents is going to bring a lot of entertainment.

Anthony Pettis vs. Jeremy Stephens. YUS!

Spike TV vs. Professional Production Team. Total mismatch, but it needs to happen. They ran over the 3 hour broadcast, wasting it on commercials and wooden interviews with JDS and Shane Carwin. UFC on Versus is the best free show broadcast today but no one watches it. 'Tis a shame.



Did I really just write over 1,000 words on the season finale of the worst TUF season ever? I guess I did.

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