With Diaz/GSP Official, Let Us Finally Bury Co-Promotion



(I just noticed that their new logo was a hexagon... another ode to the past.)

Denial is a funny thing.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, people still manage to cling to the most absurd, disprovable fantasies.  Direct contradiction, perversely, only reinforces previously held notions.  Friends become enemies, wise people become fools, trust becomes suspicion - all because the world at large adheres to a different version of reality than we do. We make excuses - there's still a chance, my actions should be what they are regardless of probability, it worked once before - but, ultimately, what we're doing is refusing to acknowledge reality.

And that reality is, has been and shall remain that co-promotion in mixed martial arts is dead.

Sure, it had some moments.  Who didn't marvel at Chuck Liddell's shocking loss to Rampage Jackson en route to a much-desired champion v champion bout against Wanderlei Silva?  Both the Fedor lovers and haters were treated to something suited to their palate via co-promotion's wily ways, and the method of splitting a card's participants (and profits) between two different promotions will again surface when Fedor faces Dan Henderson in Illinois.  So yeah - there are fights in MMA history that wouldn't have happened when they did without co-promotion.  Granted.

Let's not forget that Wanderlei was never sent to the UFC per Sakakibara's agreement with Dana White, or that Fedor has yet to set foot in the Octagon due to M-1 Global's insistence on co-promoting every Fedor fight card.  Let's remember that Chuck v Wandy only occurred following Zuffa's purchase of PRIDE, and roughly three years later than it should have.  The best, deepest, most viewed and most relevant MMA match-ups of all time have taken place within the last half-decade, and they have taken place solely because of the lack of promotional/outside interference (Showtime having veto power over previous Strikeforce match-ups proposed by Rich Chou, for example) that plagued the sport for years and still plagues boxing today.

Over at Head Kick Legend, I talk a little more shit about boxing, quote Cesar Gracie and explain why I believe this is finally the end of the hardcore MMA fan's precious.  I know I've sounded like a broken record on this - but I was right, and hopefully I never have to say it again.

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