UFC on Versus 4 Results: Winners, Losers, and Where We Go From Here

I had a blast watching fights last night. Sundays tend to be a lazy day for me due to a lack of big time sporting events until the Fall so to say that UFC on Versus 4 was a treat would be an understatement. With the card wrapped up and the results officially on Wikipedia, let's take a look back and see who the biggest winners and losers were and where we should go from here.


Cheick Kongo: This should be obvious. He's the biggest winner of the night with a ridiculous come from behind knockout win over Pat Barry. On wobbly legs and clearly out of the fight mentally, Kongo landed a beautiful uppercut that turned Barry's lights out. The 4 punches on the ground were just gravy. This also won him $50k in Knockout of the Night Bonus. That knockout was fueled by a murderboner and everyone who saw it had a fearection.

Charlie BrennemanThis has been discussed to death but Charlie Brenneman may be having the best week ever. TJ Grant dropped out of the fight on Monday. Nate Marquardt fails to get a license due to Medical Issues and Charlie takes a fight on one days notice to beat one of the top fighters at 170. If that doesn't make for a great story, I don't know what does.

Matt Mitrione: Meathead is by far one of my favorite fighters in the UFC.  He's incredibly personable and does great interviews. He's also developed at an extremely fast pace and has legitimate knockout power in the Heavyweight division. A lot of people are pointing out his striking defense deficiencies but I saw a guy who continuously slipped punches. 

Tyson GriffinWelcome to the Featherweight division. Now to start finishing fights and stop kicking people in the groin.


Rick Story: about regret. I doubt he's trained takedown defense in MONTHS. This ended up being his undoing. The Alves win is now wiped away and he needs to retool and rebound. 

Pat Barry: C'mon son. How do you get knocked out by someone who is punchy? I don't know if you get another shot at the UFC. But you can't do this again.

Matt Mitrione: Cheick Kongo robbed you of $50k. You are a loser on the night. 

Joe Stevenson: Good thing Barack Obama has extended unemployment benefits. I expect you will be cut. May be time for you to hang it up and figure out what to do in your life that doesn't require getting punched in the face.

Nate Marquardt: You've got some 'splaining to do. 

Nik Lentz/Charles Oliveira: You had a great fight. It's a shame that Chip Snider screwed the pooch. I don't want to see the rematch because Do Bronx was clearly the winner. 

The rest is on

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