Great Moments in Strategy: The Walk-Off KO

Perhaps the most interesting development to emerge from UFC on Versus 4 is the value of the walk-off KO.

Traditionally, fighters have been encouraged to jump on a prone opponent and keep pounding on them. Not pouncing has been compared to standing and watching to see if the baseball clears the fence when you should be dashing around the bases in case it doesn't.

But Matt Mitrione showed us the value of the walk-away--and Pat Berry showed us the danger of not pausing to let the referee stop the fight when you have your opponent badly hurt.

Rogan called Mitrione "charitable," because Meathead could have done some serious damage to the defenseless Moorecraft. Instead, we were treated to the spectacle of him staring in bemusement as Moorecraft twitched in a weird defensive posture that was anything but intelligent.

But imagine for a second if Mitrione had jumped right on Moorecraft. That twitch could have become guard, or a scramble, and when Moorecraft regained his senses moments later by hanging on, the fight could have continued.

The fight stopped earlier because Meathead didn't jump on his downed opponent. Whether it was 10 seconds earlier or 10 minutes, we'll never know.

Fast forward to the Kongo-Berry fight. Berry seems to have Kongo unconscious at least twice, and at one point Referee Dan Mirgliotta actually puts his hands on Berry's shoulder's as if too stop the fight.

If Pat walks away when he feel's Dan's hands, the fights over and he wins.

Instead, he continued to swing, woke Kongo up, and became the victim of one of the sickest comeback KO's in the history of combat sports.



Granted, in most situations, the fighter does need to jump on a dazed opponent and ground and pound his way into the TKO. But if we learned anything last night, it's that sometimes it's better to walk away from the KO.

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