UFC on Versus 4 Fight Card: Whiskey Soaked Reflections



(Yeah, this card had some issues.)

  • I didn't make picks for this card.  Thank Christ I didn't.
  • Rick Story is the new archetype of the perils that befall a company man.  Being eager to please your boss is one thing when you've been contracted to write about a fight card despite your intoxication (hint, hint) or when you sacrifice a weekend to help the office catch up.  It's another when you involve your body in MMA competitions twice in 22 days.  Not everyone can be Chris Leben, who filled in for an injured Wandy and defeated Yoshihiro Akiyama a mere two weeks after competing.  That is the exception, not the rule.  The rule is "get a full camp in before you fight."
  • I'm not abandoning or burying Story (or Thiago Alves, who, let's not forget, Story beat earlier this month) after this bout.  He took the fight on short notice, then found out his opponent was being switched (from a big striker making his WW debut to a seasoned wrestler familiar with the cut) at the VERY last minute.  He was supposed to win, but I'm thinking this was us laughing off the Spaniard more than us overrating Story.  I bet he comes out and looks great in his next fight.
  • I don't know what the fuck to do with Charlie Brenneman.  I can't not put him top ten.  This is where I really hope people understand how rankings work - me putting Brenneman over a fighter doesn't mean I think I would beat him, it means his resume is superior to the guy he beat.  After beating Story, there are few better resumes at the weight class.  He has to be over Story and will be in the top ten, but that's a function of Story's ranking after beating Alves, not how I think he'd stack up against the rest of the division.
  • Rampage Jackson acting like an ass to Ariel Helwani is quickly losing its charm.
  • Big Orange's indecisiveness ended up resulting in a terrific knockout for Cheick Kongo, but it was still bad.  If Pat Barry stops punching and jogs off with his hands in the air after Mirg puts his hands on his back, what happens?  Does he restart the fight?  Good on him for allowing the fight to continue - Kongo never stopped defending - but man.  He almost messed it up.
  • Pat Barry didn't even get a FOTN bonus to take to the unemployment line.  That sucks.  If he sticks around, that merely proves how shallow HW truly is.  He may end up being Mirko Cro Cop's final victory.
Did a fighter previously derided as ridiculously boring win FOTN?  Were the refs fucking piss poor?  How did Tyson Griffin and Joe Daddy look in their 145 debuts?  For this and more, come on over to Head Kick Legend.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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