Who Else is excited for Werdum vs. Overeem (Profanity Heavy)

What's that, you say?  Amadeus, that fight already happened? No it didn't.  NO IT FUCKING DID NOT.

We (I'm confident I can include all BElitists) were SO excited for this fight to happen.  A classic striker versus grappler matchup, only including arguably the greatest respective talents in those disciplines were matched up in the first round of the Strikeforce Grand Prix.  This was supposed to be either A. the confirmation that Werdum's victory over Fedor was not a fluke or B. the coming out party for Alistair Overeem versus the upper echelon of heavyweight fighters.  

What happened was a fight that made me want to cry, made the rest of the people in my living room fall asleep, and then made me SO FUCKING ANGRY I WANTED TO BECOME THE RED AND GREEN HULK SIMULTANEOUSLY AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF SO I'D AT LEAST BE ENTERTAINED.

I prayed that Kalib Starnes and Nik Lentz would save me from my boredom.  I watched each painful flop and wondered if I had caught a sneak preview of "Fabricio Werdum's Guide to Being a Power Bottom."  I mean, what the fuck?

Let's get a few things straight: first, there is no way that the fight could've been scored for Werdum.  He mocked the fans in the arena and those who kept viewing through Josh Barnett's ridiculous pro wrasslin' post fight "interview."  Was Overeem impressive? Shit no.  Definitely not.  But he wasn't even given the chance to be.

Time for Q & A:

Q: How did Alistair Overeem, the reigning K-1 Grand Prix Champion get outstruck by a BJJ player who's been striking for under 6 years?

A: He didn't.  Yes, I know what fight metric says, and I know that everyone thinks being a K-1 champion means that Overeem should have Anderson Silva-esque, Matrix movements.  But it's simply not true.  Alistair has always been a power puncher, someone who covers up and defends against the big punches well enough to land his own.  And since he punches pretty fucking hard, the one for one strategy has always worked for him. And he definitely put Werdum on queer street more than once.

Q: Can the cunty shit that Werdum was doing be considered pulling guard?

A: HELL FUCKING NO.  Pulling guard in BJJ requires that, well, you fucking PULL someone INTO YOUR GUARD.  It is not a flop to your back every time you are stunned or dazed from punches.  What Werdum was doing was in no way offensive.  In fact, every time that Alistair landed a punch and Werdum flopped, without bringing Alistair into his guard, it should have been ruled a knockdown.  Is it up to the judges to determine when Fabricio was actually pulling guard or when he was hurt and went to a place more of comfort? NO.  If he couldn't handle the fireworks on the feet, he should have tried to clinch or drive Overeem into the fence.  Overeem won the standup for that simple fact.  

Q: Should Overeem have eventually followed Werdum to the ground?

A: And encourage that type of cunty behavior?  If you are a ground fighter, and you want the fight on the ground, bring it there.  Don't expect someone to just hop into your guard (unless you're Brett Rogers) if they're easily the better striker.  It's just stupid.

Q: Should Werdum have been docked a point for stalling?

A: Abso-fucking-lutely.  At times he took almost 10 seconds to get back to his feet after being commanded to stand up.  He was taking time to recover, time that he shouldn't have had.  All in all, he probably wasted about a minute of the fight being on his ass and recovering.  


So apologies for the rant, but this fight was beyond awful.  I'm just so disappointed, because truthfully I'm a fan of both fighters and I think they both have amazing skills.  But Werdum almost made sure that he wasn't moving on to the next round of the Grand Prix, and did everything possible to damage Overeem's marketability in the States going forward.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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