DARE Fight Sports First Ever Card Is Starting to Look Damn Good

The biggest MMA event in the history of Thailand is taking place this weekend and the card has developed into something which could be a little bit special.

Originally intended to feature just five fights Dare has now seven on the card most of which feature good quality fighters with respectable Sherdog records.


The original main event was supposed to be Yoann Gouaida vs Rafael Lopes but this fell through when Lopes fractured his leg in a Muay Thai fight. Many MMA events would have been left in disarray under these circumstances but DARE have not only managed to find a suitable replacement in Brandon Kesler, they also have another four fights which would all be worthy of main event status.

Arnaud Lepont may not be well known outside of Asian circles but the Frenchman is a submission specialist with an MMA record of 6-1. His opponent Jian Kai Chee came within seconds of stopping Ole Laursen at Martial Combat last year and the Malaysian will provide a tough test for Lepont.

Ngoo Ditty is the protegee of Tiger Muay Thai instructor and BJJ black belt Ray Elbe. His MMA career has had it's up and downs but he is coming off the back off an impressive win and will be looking to go 4-2 against Daniel Mashamaite. As the best known Thai fighter on the card Ngoo will be the hometown favourite and this fight is made even more interesting by the fact that Mashamaite is fighting out of Phuket Top Team, a brand new MMA camp which recently opened its doors on the same street as Tiger Muay Thai.

Two massive fights were added to this card at the very last minute. When French MMA veterans Ferrid Kheder and Sebastian Garguier got in touch a couple of weeks before the show looking for a fight they probably weren't seriously expecting to find one.

The Dare promoter put out the call and despite the fact that there was no time for a training camp Evolve MMA in Singapore answered and agreed to allow two of their top fighters to compete. Zorobabel Moreira is a BJJ black belt who is currently 3-1, he will be a massive underdog against the highly experienced Judo Olympian Kheder but this looks set to be a very high level MMA fight for the Bangkok fans.

Another Evolve MMA fighter, Brian Choi, stepped up at even later notice. There were barely seven days to go until the show when he put pen to paper and agreed to fight Kheder's team mate, Garguier. The Frenchman holds an 8-7 MMA record with seven submission wins under his belt and will be a huge test for Choi, a wrestler who is currently 2-0.

Completing the card is another Tiger Muay Thai vs Phuket Top Team match up which sees TMT's James Mackinnon take on PTT's Will Chope and Korean Won Seok Jung takes on Thai fighter Detchoot Detsuryian.

Dare Fight Sports deserve massive credit for putting on such a strong card. Despite originally advertizing five fights they now have seven the majority of which feature experienced fighters with verifiable MMA records.

Dare's inaugural event is taking place at Club Insomnia on Sukhumvit Soi 12 on Saturday June 25th. The first fight takes place at 5pm.

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