Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum Results: Thoughts and Reflections


(No word on whether the check bounced.)


  • Alistair Overeem gets hit.  A lot.  It happened against Tyrone Spong during his run to the K-1 GP title last year, but Spong is a really, really good kickboxer with a bright future.  Fabricio Werdum is... Fabricio Werdum.  Watching Overeem eat shots - unanswered, at times - from the guy that Junior dos Santos melted in the 1st round didn't exactly imbue me with confidence that he'll hold his own against the UFC heavyweights currently ranked above him.  If anything, Overeem/Mir intrigues me much more now than it did 24 hours ago.
  • I can't imagine that what we saw was Werdum's original game plan.  Of course, not allowing Alistair to get comfortable on the feet had to be a concern, but you don't prepare to miss almost all of your take down attempts and tempt the referee to take a point away because of your lackadaisical approach to getting up when summoned by him.  Trickeration a la Fedor?  Maybe - but it should have been abandoned when it wasn't working AND when Werdum was showing some life in the stand-up battle.
  • Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez will crown the #1 HW on Earth in MMA, and the winner of that bout will have that title until it is taken from him by someone.  The winner of the GP (assuming it's completed as scheduled) could walk into a #1 contender's slot when they come to the UFC - and they inevitably will - but they won't have a claim to the #1 spot in any reasonable observer's mind.
  • I took one single thing from the Rogers/Barnett fight, and that is that Andrei Arlovski needs to retire.  A second point to gather might be that Fedor had a really crappy night against Rogers.  Can we stop pretending that Brett Rogers is a top ten heavyweight now?  You need more than size and a puncher's chance to hold down that spot, even in the shallow HW division.  Barnett is still a black eye on the sport and shouldn't be licensed by any athletic commission that's worth a damn.  Perhaps "Strikeforce: South Carolina" is right around the bend, but I hope it isn't.  Let some wayward UFC HW contender take Barnett's spot against Kharitonov.  Please.  I beseech thee, AC's - don't be like Texas.
  • I was powerfully incorrect about Noons/Masvidal.  Masvidal's striking was more than adequate to contend with Noons, and his wrestling and submission grappling were/are vastly superior.  That being said, Gilbert Melendez deserves a better opponent his next time out than Jorge Masvidal.  Going from Shinya Aoki and Tatsuya Kawajiri to the winner of this bout is a step down, when Gil needs a step up if he ever hopes to be ranked higher.  If Nick Diaz was lifted from SF without so much as a "thank you" card to Showtime, why is Melendez in limbo?  Bring him over ASAP and start him off with Guida.
  • Chad Griggs is super fun to watch against mediocre fighters, and will probably be super fun to watch against quality ones, even if it's entertaining for fans of his opponent.  Valentijn Overeem just isn't very good at MMA, and Ray Sefo (at this age, in 2011) is worse.  Here's what I don't get - they were both alternates going in, and now I imagine only Griggs is.  Do you have Griggs fight Cormier now for Super Ultimate Alternate rights?  I'm down for that...
  • ...because I'm pretty much the opposite of sold on Cormier.  Bought on Cormier?  That doesn't sound right, but I'm sure not sold.  I thought he would embarrass Monson and put him away in the first.  I like the progression of his hands, but I think he'll be in trouble if he tries to box with Griggs.  Is he so in love with his stand up that he'll catch one?  Or can Cormier revert to his wrestling roots in times of trouble?  I like this fight.
  • I didn't catch the first round of Wilcox/JZ (I curse not having HD), so I can't say who was winning before the eye poke that resulted in a no-contest.  I can only assume the poke was unintentional.  Sigh.  I like Wilcox and I've always felt that JZ was tragically overrated, and now neither of those things can be proven or disproven.  Unless SF has some secret cadre of LWs that I'm unaware of, they should make the rematch.
  • Gus Johnson looks surprisingly human without make-up.
  • Mauro Ranallo is beyond parody at this point.
  • For the love of God, get Pat Miletich in the booth to replace one or all of the Worst Announcing Trio in Sports.
  • I will be pouncing on the opening line for Bigfoot/Overeem, with both feet, on Silva's side.  I'm confident that, however the line opens, Bigfoot will start as an underdog and the action will FLOOD to his side in the early betting rounds.  Whereas Werdum caught Fedor in a triangle that the latter pretty much leaped into, Bigfoot put a sustained beating on Fedor for 10 minutes, landing shots standing, taking punches and then controlling the former #1 HW on the ground.  I think Overeem's going to have his hands full.
This is the whole piece, but come on over to Head Kick Legend anyway.

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