Why Strikeforce Dallas was an awesome experience

First off let me say that I have been pumped about this card since it was announced around what seems like a year ago. It was supposed to be on April 9th this year and in Japan. SF didnt move fast enough and wasnt able to schedule the event at that time, so Coker decided to go to the only big market in America that would license a known liar/cheat like Barnett, Texas. Now, I was really excited about going to this show even when the card was just the 2 quarter final bouts and the reserves with Griggs vs Overeem & Cormier vs Del Rosario.

Then out of nowhere, Zuffa bought Strikeforce, an unfortunate car accident side-lined Del Rosario, and the card for this show was changed in a major way (to me at least)

The additions of Jeff Monson, KJ Noons,Jorge Masvidal, JZ, and Justin Wilcox made a pretty big impact on this card from a hardcore fan's point of view. Coupled with the new ownership and the already heavily hyped HW GP, this was maybe the most anticipated SF card ever.

Jorge Masvidal is my original favorite mixed martial artist. In 2006 when I was 17 and not even a casual fan of mma, me and some friends at school got a kick out of watching Kimbo on Youtube knocking dude's heads off. Then came his little "protege", Ray

Kimbo Ray vs Jose & Jorge (via F1lthyroost3r)



Ray was whooping dudes badly, similar to Kimbo, until this guy Jorge showed up. No last name given and not a word of english spoken, he handled Ray pretty easily. Of course Ray had just got done dropping people, so he wanted a rematch where he would be 100

Ray vs Jorge Rematch (Kimbo Fight) (via bigern305)


I wasnt even a fan of MMA yet, but this all certainly helped me become one. About 2 years later, I was checking out videos of one of my other favorite fighters Yves Edwards, and I stumbled upon his fight with Jorge Masvidal. I was like, 'is this that same cat Jorge that was throwing down in backyards? I realized it was indeed him after a closer look and seeing that he trains out of American Top Team, which is in the same area Kimbo shot his vids, Miami. It was amazing to see him have that much success considering I thought he was just a streetfighter new to MMA, when actually he might've been a pro when he schooled Ray. The only time I watched Gamebred fight live was when I watched Shark Fights 13 just to see him go at it with the much bigger Paul Daley, and I thought he won that match. 

Fast forward to tonight. I was attending SF Dallas by myself, and the only guy I planned on looking crazy & yelling for was Masvidal since he doesnt have a big fan base like Reem or KJ Noons. I think every single editor on this site picked Noons to win...smh

Turned out KJ Noons got his ass whooped. KJ started the fight by acting like it was a straight boxing match, not worried about eating any kicks or knees while he ducked his head down low constantly. BAM! Jorge landed a few solid knees to the head and an awesome headkick in the 1st round that really scrambled KJ's brains. It was the highlight of the night for me, I got so loud at that moment when I thought Gamebred was about to get the TKO.





Masvidal (the underdog?) cruised to a UD after the 1st round, it was the definition of getting out-classed for Noons. In the end Barnett had suffocated Rogers with his titties and Reem didnt crush Werdum as expected, and a huge amount of fans booed during the main event, but I enjoyed it and didnt want the night to end. After the main event, the show looked to be over so I headed out. But when I got by the front, I heard Jimmy Lennon Jr announcing something about Lightweights. So I went back to the arena and the folks that hadnt dipped were gathered down close to the cage to catch a prelim fight that apparently didnt make the time slot. So I said fuck it and got a great up-close view for it. Then out of nowhere, I saw Jorge Masvidal walking by like he was looking for someone. I yelled to him and he heard me, as he walked over somebody cut him off to take a pic. There was a barrier in between us but I could hear and even reach them. The dude asking for a picture literally did not even know Jorge's name, he was like " Wats your name? u beat KJ, good job." I called to him afterwards and told him how I was rooting for him in his fight, he thanked me and signed my ticket after I borrowed a pen from some cat in a suit.



To be honest, the autograph is probably not worth any money, but it made my night. It is still fucking crazy to me that I really got his autograph like this iz a movie. It wouldve been the shit if I couldve got a picture with em, but I wouldve had to hop over that barrier, right in front of security.

I went by myself tonight because none of my friends like MMA enough to come with. But it was really cool how some fans next to me saw that I was by myself and initiated conversations with me. It was awesome how SHOtime put up highlights of the Mavs parade at the start and Overeem came out with a Mavs flag. SF Dallas was a great addition to all the buzz that already is in this city. Thank you Strikeforce and future champ Jorge Masvidal

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