Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum - Live Results and Play-By-Play

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum. The live blog will start with the beginning of the HDNet undercard broadcast (8 p.m. ET), continuing through the Showtime broadcast (10 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a heavyweight grand prix battle between Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum. A second grand prix battle co-headlines the event as Josh Barnett takes on Brett Rogers. Also on the card, K.J. Noons and Jorge Masvidal battle for a shot at Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. Top heavyweight prospect Daniel Cormier takes on Jeff Monson and a grand prix alternate battle between Chad Griggs and Valentijn Overeem rounds out the main card.

The HDNet undercard is headlined by Gesias Cavalcante vs. Justin Wilcox and Conor Heun vs. Magno Almeida.

Make sure that you come back and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

The Showtime broadcast is live. First fight up shortly. Undercard results after the jump.

Chad Griggs vs. Valentijn Overeem - Round 1 - Leg kick by Overeem. Head kick by Overeem misses and Griggs closes distance and is looking for the takedown. Griggs with a takedown into half guard. Griggs landing some shots to the back of the head. Overeem trying for a kimura and now Griggs unloads with strikes and Overeem rolls over and taps out. Chad Griggs wins by submission (punches), round 1.

Jeff Monson vs. Daniel Cormier - Round 1 - Cormier with a jab and a kick that is blocked by Monson. Leg kick by Cormier. Cormier finally opens up with a combo to the head and body. Head kick by Cormier blocked but a follow up of punches get through. Monson bleeding near his eye and on the top of his head. Left hand by Cormier hurts Monson. Body kick by Cormier and a few punches. Series of punches get through again for Cormier and Monson is playing punching bag. Jab by Monson. Left hand for Cormier and a jab by Monson. Right hand by Cormier lands now also. Big punches for Cormier again. Cormier has a cut on the hairline now, probably from a clash of heads. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 2 - Head kick by Cormier followed by a series of punches. Monson misses with a punch and falls to the mat. Cormier with a right hand after he makes Monson stand up. Leg kick by Cormier. Overhand right by Monson misses. Right hand lands hard for Monson on the break. Big flurry in return by Cormier and a head kick that misses. Right hand, left hook combo by Cormier. Cormier now busting him up with the jab. Cormier with another flurry and this fight is just rinse and repeat stuff now. Right hand for Cormier. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 3 - Two kicks by Cormier blocked, but two punches land. Big right hand by Cormier. Two huge shots by Cormier buckle Monson as does another right hand. Superman punch by Cormier and another combo and Monson bounds away as he was badly hurt. Big shots by Cormier send Monson to the ground again and he's forced to stand back up. Cormier throws Monson to the ground. Head kick by Cormier. 10-9 Cormier.

Official scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Daniel Cormier wins by unanimous decision.

K.J. Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal - Round 1 - Noons trying to close distance early as Masvidal moves backward. Right hand by Masvidal and a flying knee attempt. Hook to the head, hook to the body by Noons. Noons continues to go to the body. Left hand gets through for Masvidal. Body shots by Noons and a knee by Masvidal. Jab by masvidal. Jumping knee by Mavidal. Now Masvidal with a takedown. Noons looking to lock up an arm with a kimura but Masvidal is trying to pass. Noons manages to get back to his feet. But he eats a jab and leg kick. Knee by Masvidal. Noons bleeding from the forehead. Both men go to the left hook. Noons is bleeding badly. Right hand by Masvidal. Solid jab by Masvidal and a jab from Noons. Huge knee from Masvidal and Noons goes down. Heavy shots by Masvidal and somehow Noons survives to the final bell. 10-9 Masvidal (possibly 10-8)

Round 2 - Noons is trying to get inside and go to the body but Masvidal continues to go backward but he is getting hung up on the cage a little bit. Noons with a nice uppercut and now Masvidal with a takedown. Both men go to the body. Masvidal with another takedown and now he's looking to open up with elbows. Noons manages to get back up. Big right hand by Masvidal. Body shot by Masvidal. Jorge looking for the takedown again and finally getting it. Noons scrambles and is on top now. Noons trying to do damage here but Masvidal gets up. Masvidal with another big knee. Masvidal is dominant here. 10-9 Masvidal.

Round 3 - Noons with two punches early. Noons is stalking here and Masvidal isn't throwing anything. Jab by Masvidal now. Masvidal is doing a decent job of just circling and landing the jab without taking damage. Now Masvidal is landing with regularity again. Spinning back kick by Masvidal. Two nice punches by Noons land. Masvidal with another takedown now. Noons stands right back up but the time is quickly running out. Masvidal with another takedown. Masvidal is happy to just keep Noons of his feet here and get his lopsided decision. KJ tries for a kneebar as time runs out. 10-9 Masvidal.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Jorge Masvidal wins by unanimous decision.

Boy, I was wrong about this one. Masvidal looked great and Noons was in his crappy haymaker mode.

Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers - Round 1 - Leg kick by Rogers and Barnett charging in for the takedown. Takedown by Barnett and that should pretty much be the end of the fight. Rogers tried to walk up the cage but still is stuck with Josh on him in side control. Rogers almost scrambles to he feet but is a touch too slow. Rogers trying like hell to hold on here but he is mounted now. Rogers scoots to the cage but can't get up. Rogers tries to use the cage to buck off but can't and Barnett postures up, landing some punches. Rogers bucks him off, and then is mounted right away again. A few elbows. The round ends, and that's a pretty terrible job by Barnett with a guy who is lost on the ground. 10-9

Round 2 - Rogers eats a left hand and Barnett with a takedown and is right into the mount. Head and arm choke and it's over. Josh Barnett wins by submission (head and arm choke), round 2.

Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum - Round 1 - Head kick by Werdum is blocked and then Overeem pushes him away. Werdum with a knee. Werdum shoots and Overeem sprawls. Werdum with a kick and Overeem throws him to the ground. Werdum shoots again and again the sprawl. Werdum with another leg kick. Werdum keeps shooting and Overeem keeps throwing him away. Knee to the body by Overeem. Knee to the body by Werdum and he tries to walk forward throwing punches. Werdum pulls guard and Overeem stands. Again Werdum pulls guard. Werdum with a knee and then gets thrown to the ground, another shot, another sprawl. Huge left hook by Overeem and Werdum falls down and shakes his finger. Right hand by Werdum. Overeem throws Werdum to the ground and Werdum begs him to come to the ground. This is bizarre. Two big punches by Overeem. A knee and Werdum falls and Overeem makes him stand back up. Werdum pulls guard as the round ends. 10-9 Overeem I guess.

Round 2 - Knee by Overeem and he avoids the takedown attempt. Multiple punches land for Werdum. Werdum hurt his knee when he got taken down it looks like. Werdum briefly had him down but Overeem stands up. Strikes land for Werdum and now they wrestle a little. Werdum looks hurt and tired and it's taking him forever to get up. Overeem landing some good shots and now he's on top of Werdum on the ground. Werdum tries to work his legs up so Overeem lands an elbow and stands up. Werdum gets tagged with a knee and this is getting embarrassing. I stopped typing for a bit, don't worry, you didn't miss anything other than Werdum on his back.

Round 3 - Werdum with strikes from the clinch and Overeem answers with a few right hands. Werdum shoots and Overeem takes his back. Werdum rolls so Overeem stands back up. Right hand by Overeem and Werdum pulls guard. Werdum lands a right hand after being forced to stand up. Body shot by Overeem and Werdum pulls guard again. Overeem laying with his head on Werdum's chest. Overeem makes him stand up one more time with 30 seconds left. Werdum landing a few punches. Leg lock attempt by Werdum. 10-9 Overeem I guess. Who knows. What I do know is there will be at least one card for Werdum.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for Alistair Overeem. Hey, I was wrong, no Werdum card.

Well...that was disappointing.

The HDNet broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Brian Melancon vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg - Round 1 - Vallie-Flagg with a leg kick and now he is opening up huge against the cage and Melancon is covering up but eating big shots. Melancon with a nice takedown into side control and he locks up a crucifix and starts to unload. Vallie Flagg spins and gives up his back and now gives up the mount. More shots and back to taking the back. Melancon sinking the choke in but Vallie-Flagg is defending and manages to get full guard. Back to standing and they're both throwing big strikes. Huge right hand from Melancon now. Jab by Melancon. Knees to the leg against the cage from Vallie-Flagg and he gets spun back into the cage. Vallie-Flagg trying to open up with an uppercut but Melancon landing the better shots here. Flying knee attempt from vallie-Flagg. 10-9 round for Melancon.

Round 2 - Vallie-Flagg trying to open up with punches and Melancon with a nice right hand. Right hand by Melancon again. Knee to the body in the clinch by Vallie-Flagg. Vallie-Flagg pushes him into the cage and drops down, getting a takedown. Melancon stands and eats an uppercut and Vallie-Flagg tries for another takedown. It's much more of a clinch battle this round. Vallie-Flagg working Melancon over with a thai clinch and some elbows and knees. Solid knee by Vallie-Flagg again and they're restarted in the center after a mouthpiece issue. Big punches from Vallie-Flagg again and Melancon pushes him into the cage. Melancon looking for a takedown but can't get it. Right hand by Vallie-Flagg and a very hard uppercut return shot from Melancon. These two men are going at it in a hell of a fun opening fight. Vallie-Flagg with some knees to the body as the round ends. 10-9 Vallie-Flagg evens it up.

Round 3 - Front kick from Vallie-Flagg and a very hard low kick. Body kick from Vallie-Flagg is countered with a straight by Melancon. Melancon drives in with a double leg attempt and vallie-Flagg defending. Vallie-Flagg defending with knees to the body and a short elbow. Jumping knee to the body by Vallie-Flagg. Melancon digs to the body with a sharp left hand. Vallie-Flagg with some nice elbows. Huge takedown for Melancon with three minutes left in the round. That might determine the winner right there. Melancon moves to full mount. Vallie-Flagg gets it back to guard and then gets to his feet. Knee to the body by Vallie-Flagg. They trade elbows and are restarted in the center with 1:15 left. Vallie-Flagg with some nice elbows to the body from the clinch but those aren't going to outweigh that takedown earlier in the eyes of the judges. Another restart despite them both working and Melancon closes out the round with another takedown which should cement the win. 10-9 Melancon.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 Melancon, 29-28 Vallie-Flagg, 29-28 Vallie-Flagg - Issac Vallie-Flagg wins by split decision.

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Joe Ray - Round 1 - Burrell with a counter left hand early. Leg kick by Ray but it's clear that Burrell's hands are much faster in the stand up. Burrell drops and gets a nice takedown into half guard. Ray gets his full guard back. Burrell tries to pass and almost gets caught in a triangle, eats a couple elbows and then almost gets double armbarred. Ray turns, looking for a kneebar and Burrell muscles through it into a pass to half guard. Ray tries to lock up a kimura and Burrell gets out and now lands three hard right hands and passes to side control. Ray sucks a leg back in to regain half guard. Ray tries for another armbar and Burrell gets out and lands a hammerfist. Burrell pushes him back into the cage after Ray gets back to his feet and Ray is defending with a kimura attempt and transitions to a deep armbar and Burrell spins and pops his arm out. 10-9 round for Ray but the judges may give it to Burrell for being on top (I hope not though).

Round 2 - Hooks for Burrell and Ray tries to spin. Leg kick by Burrell off a jab. Ray throwing flashy spinning strikes and head kicks but missing while Burrell tags him with straights and jabs. Takedown for Burrell (which I don't understand given his edge in the stand-up. Ray continuing to look for submissions. Ray manages to stand up and get a takedown but Burrell manages to quickly reverse. They're stood up and Burrell has a high kick blocked. Jab lands for Burrell and now Ray tries for a knee and Burrell catches it and takes him down. Burrell landing hammerfists now and Ray trying to work his legs up but his submission attempts are getting slower. Burrell avoiding the subs and Ray is turtled up looking for a single leg and Burrell is landing short punches. 10-9 Burrell.

Round 3 - Burrell landing the one two and Ray is weakly throwing leg kicks. Uppercut off the jab by Burrell now. Burrell is just controlling this round with combinations off the jab. Jab, left hook combo by Burrell, one of my favorite combos. Spinning backfist by Ray. Right hand by Burrell. Right hand again by Burrell. Body lock by Burrell against the cage and Ray tries for the takedown but Burrell spins to the top. Ray locks in a deep guilotine and Burrell manages to survive. They stand up and Burrell gets the takedown. He finishes up landing some punches from the top. The round ends and it's 10-9 Burrell which gives him the fight 29-28 on my card.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Nah-Shon Burrell wins by unanimous decision.

Conor Heun vs. Magno Almeida - Round 1 - Leg kick by Heun earlier. Right hand by Magno and now a leg kick. They go to the ground and Magno looking to lock up a leg from the bottom. Heun defends but Magno moves to a toe hold. Heun survives well and almost locks up an omoplata but now is on bottom trying to hold Almeida in rubber guard. Heun using rubber guad to blast Magno with elbows. Heun keeps moving from rubber guard to high guard and making Almeida deal with the constant elbows. For some reason they're restarted standing up despite the active work. They end the round both landing a few strikes. 10-9 Heun.

Round 2 - Slow moving action standing up before Almeida opens up a bit with his strikes. Heun gets the takedown but Almeida takes his arm and is really pulling with the armbar. This armbar is very deep and Magno is really pulling but Heun survives and gets the arm free. They end the round standing and throwing punches. 10-9 round Almeida in my eyes.

Round 3 - Almeida landing some nice strikes early in the round and Heun pushes in and gets a takedown. Magno looking for an armbar again and again the arm looked to be in trouble before Heun gets out. Almeida on top now. Magno moves to a very deep choke attempt and Heun manages to escape. Heun really pouring it on. Heun landing a lot of punches and right as the round is ending Almeida looks for an armbar. 10-9 Heun on my card.

Official scorecard: 29-28 across the board. Conor Heun wins by unanimous decision. After the fight it seems fairly clear that his arm was seriously hurt by the armbar at the end.

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Justin Wilcox - Round 1 - Both men throwing early and Wilcox has a headkick blocked. Jumping knee by Wilcox and he's back to the jab. JZ is starting to try to find his range. Kick by Cavalcante and Wilcox takes him down but JZ springs back up. Overhand right lands for Wilcox. Wilcox with a nice quick jab. Nice hook counter by Wilcox and a front kick to JZ's face. Wilcox shoots and JZ sprawls well. Front kick to the chest by JZ. Bir right hand lands for Wilcox. Another right counter by Wilcox. Again the right hand lands. JZ with a nice left hand. 10-9 Wilcox. 

Round 2 - Early striking exchange and Wilcox takes a poke to the eye and after the doctor takes a look, the bout is called off. The result is announced as a no decision.

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