Zuffa - The Best Thing That Ever Happened to MMA

There are many members of the MMA fan community who like to make Zuffa look bad at every turn. Some may genuinely dislike aspects of the way Zuffa's MMA company, the UFC, conducts itself as a whole. But most of the time, I get the feeling that it is a complete case of people being contrarians. There are a large number of people who like to go against the grain of the general consensus and go out of their way to do so.

We've all seen it before, the kid in high school who refuses to like any of the popular bands because they are 'mainstream crap' and instead listens to bands nobody has ever heard of. Or the slighted moviegoer who never wants to watch the movie Avatar, seemingly because it just so happens to be the most successful film of all time. It is the biggest of the big, so it becomes crap in the eyes of the contrarian.

Contrarian's like to feel like they are 'above' the common fan, like they know more than the rest. Everyone likes the UFC, so they are smart enough to see the flaws in the UFC, because to them, it somehow makes them feel better. So they rag on the production, the commentating crew, the fight announcer, the president of the company, the matchmaking, the fighter schedules, the price of Pay Per Views etc etc etc.

But none of that stops Zuffa(and by default, the UFC, and now Strikeforce) from being the best thing that ever happened to MMA period.

I'll not go into this long historical piece of Zuffa's exploits, as most on this website know the gist. But instead I'd like to provide a reminder.

Zuffa fought for MMA regulation in state after state. They take their events all around the world. Zuffa delivers regular quality events where they have brought almost all of the top 25 fighters in each of the major weight classes together under one banner to see who is the best.

The UFC has numerous television partners that helps the sport reach as many fans as possible. Spike, Versus, Ion, as well as plenty of partners outside of the US. They've also taken a full embrace of the social network, streaming preliminary fights for free on Facebook.

In a world where a strong '#2 Promotion' was starting to build up in Strikeforce, and there was a growing public sentiment wondering if ALL of the best of the best were only found in the UFC, Zuffa took hold of an opportunity to purchase Strikeforce. A move that ensures that all of the very best will fight eachother, even if it's not in the most immediate future.

When the sport reached a point where inaccurate judges decisions were leaving a bad taste in viewers' mouths after a good fight, the UFC started putting in requests for the judgest to be given monitors to give them the best view of the in-cage action at all times.

When the question of how fighters get insured or pay medical bills for injuries that aren't sustained during a fight was brought up, Zuffa again has an answer. A new insurance policy that will cover all fighters under their contract year round. Any sort of injury sustained via accident(during training, during a fight, falling down some stairs, wrecking a car) will now be paid for and covered by Zuffa, taking away another hardship for the fighers under contract with them.

So the contrarians can squawk all they want, they can cry about why Zuffa sucks this and the UFC needs to change that or whatever else that makes them feel like they are somehow better than the rest of us for 'not liking what everyone else likes'....but at the end of the day, the rest of us all know that we don't like Zuffa or the UFC simply because they are the biggest, but because they are hands down the best thing that ever happened to MMA.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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