The Week in Quotes: May 1st - 7th

Photo by Dave Mandel for Sherdog


"I want to fight George St. Pierre." - Nick Diaz, with a tone of "Why not me?" and the look of a sad puppy dog on his face.(SB Nation MMA)

"They have two champions. It's always exciting to see two champions go at it." - Firas Zahabi, jumping on the Silva-GSP Superfight Express! (MMA Fighting)

"If Georges went up (to 185) right now, he wouldn't have cleaned out the division because there's still Nick Diaz there." - Zahabi. Nevermind. He's playing the Catch-22 "clean out the division" game too.

"I'm trying to go on to bigger and better things. I don't just want to keep fighting these chumps." - Diaz, who now has a boxing match lined up with Jeff Lacy. (GnP-TV)

"He wants to box. I'm going to go to Stockton this week and talk to him." - UFC President Dana White. Rumor has it that White engaged in a mean-mugging contest with Diaz with Diaz's boxing aspirations on the line. White left the Cesar Gracie gym head-in-hands, weeping on the way to his Ferrari. (MMA Fighting)

'I don't know how bad is GSP's eye, is he going to take six months off? And then why couldn't Nick box and then go fight GSP, for example." - Cesar Gracie (MMA Mania)

"[I]f he's going to box then he's got to box relevant fighters. ... Jeff Lacy is not a relevant fighter. So what are you proving? That's just a waste of time." - Gary Shaw, more from him in a bit. (Fight Hub TV)


"When he threw that open handed hook, that was recorded, I complained to the ref immediately. ... I don't think it was intentional, but I mean it still happened, and he should get a warning." - Firas Zahabi. Georges St. Pierre complained of an inability to see out of his left eye after round three at UFC 129. (MMA Weekly)

"When I looked into his eye, I could tell he couldn't see out of it. ... I was glad the doctor wasn't called in and that we were able to get him refocused and concentrating on winning." - Greg Jackson. According to some, Jake Shields is the rightful UFC welterweight champion in some alternate universe where Randy Couture fought Fedor Emelianenko, Japanese MMA is run by honest business men, and Nobuhiko Takada is completely nude banging on that Taiko drum. (Sherdog)

'If you're sitting at home and you've never really been poked in the eye and had somebody of Jake Shields' level come after you and try to knock your block off, its hard to understand what that means." - Jackson. It means you aren't getting your block knocked off, that's for sure. (Sherdog)

"Luckily it was just blood in the eye and not the detached retina." - Zahabi, adding, "Or else we'd be in some s***." 


"Jake had a leg a couple of times, GSP got out very well ... so it must have been really slippery or something." - Cesar Gracie (MMA Mania)


"Up until the last minute – up until it was apparent that they had no intention of fulfilling the contract – I was like, hey, I'm ready to fight. Let's fight." - Jason Miller, who didn't fight for Strikeforce following his role as the catalyst in the infamous Nashville brawl. (MMA Fighting)

"If that's the case that I was really banned [from Showtime], then hey, it's not the first place I've been 86'd from." - Miller. Lucha libre shows in Tijuana, Orange County Women's Book Club, the international news desk at the Washington Post...

"Here I've been sitting on the bench. I've been training. I've been working hard and improving, but do you guys think I get some sort of severance package? Do you think I have Bully Beatdown billions? I don't, trust me." - Miller. Now hold on a second. Jason Miller isn't getting billions from supercablenetwork MTV2? They have the best standard definition feed ON THE PLANET.

"Maybe it was because I was the only guy who apologized and accepted the blame. I was the only guy who really apologized for it, and not this half-hearted thing where my manager's making me say I'm sorry. I was truly apologetic. That whole incident, I never expected anything like that to happen." - Miller


"If there was a sixth round, I would have won." - Mark Hominick. Hominick's hematoma declined to comment. (London Free Press)

"[Kimbo] realized how hard it is to be a boxer. I had him in training camp in California, but he wasn't committed." - Gary Shaw. Is that right? (Fight Hub TV)

"That’s really the only place I wanted to see this guy and getting to see it was a huge confidence booster for me." - Chad Mendes, after attending Charlie Sheen's show in Houston, Texas, last week. (ESPN)

"I love his athleticism and the way he conducts himself." - Manny Pacquiao, providing MMA sites the world over a quick SEO fix with this quote on Jon Jones. (5th Round)

"He's got an aura that intimidates any opponent. I'm going to take that aura away from him." - Yushin Okami, adding, "The talking bleached cattle head told me so." (MMA Fighting)

"As soon as movies start paying me more than I make to fight, I'm gone. It don't hurt to make movies." - Quinton Jackson. Just ask Bruce Lee. Err. Brandon Lee. Err. (Five Knuckles)

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