Urijah Faber on GSP/Diaz - 'I'm Going With Nick on That One'

via cdn3.sbnation.com

In a continuation of this interview on Fight Corner Radio, UFC 132 title challenger Urijah Faber talked about his toughest opponent, and a matchup between himself and Miguel Torres.  He was also asked about a possible Georges St. Pierre/Nick Diaz fight, and his answer might surprise a few people, especially considering Urijah's wrestling background.  First, he discusses what could get him back to 145 - namely, a rematch of the toughest fight he's had to date (transcribed by fiveknuckles):

"I gotta say Jose Aldo [was my toughest fight] for sure, just because he's such a... he found a way to disarm me," Faber said. "I feel like the first round I was doing a good job of defending. I knew those kicks were coming and I was doing push-kicks and switching stances and things like that to avoid and landing my punches, but he made an adjustment and was so good at one thing that he was able to utilize it and change the fight."

"I see that it could be something down the road that could be built back up again," Faber said. "I think what needs to happen is that I need to get this [bantamweight] belt with the UFC and defend it for a while, and then see if that's a superfight down the road."

On a matchup with former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, who meets Demetrious Johnson at UFC 130 later this month:

"I would say that we definitely want to fight each other and I've got nothing against him, but it's a fight that we've all known about for a long time. I've got kind of a different feel for him since I dropped down to 35's. I don't know how he feels about me being in his territory, but it's my territory now."

And possibly the biggest talking point from the interview: His educated opinion on GSP/Diaz:

"I'm going to go with Nick Diaz on that one, just because I don't see GSP knocking him out," Faber stated. "He's never been knocked out and GSP's been more into wrestling guys. I think that from watching Diaz, he's super, super deceiving, and is able to pressure guys and make them get tired and fatigued like no one else. It's constant pressure, and he's got that persistent punching style that wears guys down."

Faber will be looking to take the UFC bantamweight title from his nemesis Dominick Cruz at UFC 132 on July 2nd.


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