MMA fighters that you love to root for, but others hate!

You know that you have one.  That one fighter that you are fan of, either because you love their brash personality, or because they are just that damn good of a fighter.

Yet, every time you come to bloodyelbow, it seems like the majority of the mma fans on this site HATE said fighter.

Lets see who the most popular "hated" fighter is:

1. Brock Lesnar

 Why you love him:

  • The man can fight.  Sure, he just got his ass handed to him by Cain, but in such a short career, he's beaten guys like Randy Couture, Frank Mir, Shane Carwinand Heath Herring.  A pretty impressive list for a guy who just started training MMA a little over 4 years ago.
  • He doesn't give a F*ck.  He tells it like it is, and doesn't care if you like it or not.  To some it might come off as cocky or arrogant, but to others it just shows he's a genuine person, who doesn't like to be fake.
  • He seems like a legit good guy.  Sure, he can be abrasive, and has no problem talking shit when talking shit is deserved (Mir).  But other then that, he seems like a good guy.  For example, he seem's legitimately invested in his TUF team, unlike some other fighters have been (really just Rampage). He also seems to really be a family man, proven by the fact that he opened one of the most expensive MMA camps just so he doesn't have to leave his family during training.

Why they hate him:

  • One word: WWE.  Yes, that's right, Brock Lesnar was a professional wrestler before he started his MMA career. An international superstar from Pro Wrestling who got a title shot in only his 4th professional fight, many fans believe he gets undeserved opportunities just because of his popularity and recognition.
  • He's a prick.  He taunted Frank Mir after he turned Mir's face into hamburger.  He flipped off the crowd after they boo'd him for an entire fight.  He' dissed Bud Light, one of the UFC's biggest sponsors, because they wouldn't give him an endorsement deal.  He said he was going to "go home and get on top of my wife"... and he doesn't care what you think.
  • He's got a sword tattoo, which kinda, sorta looks like a penis..I guess?  Its un ugly tattoo, no doubt.  But I just don't see the resemblance to a penis.  Maybe I have an unusually not sharp penis.....

2. Nick Diaz

Why you love him:

  • Dude is a game fighter.  He's a BJJ black belt, yet he just out slugged one of the best strikers in the 170 division. He'll grapple with grapplers, punch with punchers, and everything in between. Plus he's willing to fight anyone, anywhere, as long as it comes with a paycheck (with an exception to Mayhem).
  • He's the most loyal SOB in the world.  Trash talk about a Gracie from 20 years ago, and you can guarantee that Diaz would be the first one to stand up for first family of BJJ.  Trash talk his homie...well then your asking to get your ass stomped out.
  • Weed.  Yes, believe it or not... I really think that the fact that he so, unabashedly, loves to smoke pot, regardless of the consequences (a fight against Jay Hieron, a win on his record against Gomi).

Why they hate him:

  • Respect, or the lack of it.  Respect is something that is often preached in MMA, especially by people who started off in a traditional martial art.  Yet Diaz might be one of the least respectful people in all of MMA.  Whether it be mean muggin'and trashing talk against the most non-confrontational fighters (Scott Smith), or having his middle finger perpetually raised...Diaz comes off as a punk.
  • He's always complaining about money. Now listen to these figures:  $175,000, $150,000, $50,000.  Thats $375,000 earned since October 2010 (not even 1 year).  AND that isn't even including the sponsorships he's earning from headlining all 3 PPV's.  If there is something fans don't like, its when someone complains about a lack of compensation..when they are making some serious bank!
  • Weed.  Yes, the same thing that endears him to fans is also something that makes fans dislike Diaz.  As a professional athlete, like it or not, you are always in the spotlight.  And when your in the spotlight, it or not, you should act like a responsible adult.  I'm not saying he can't smoke weed.  Smoke all the weed you want.  Just don't preach about it...especially since your becoming the face of the fastest growing sport in North America.\

Chael Sonnen

Why you love him:

  • Trash Talk.  The trash talk prior to his fight with Anderson Silvaat UFC 117 was epic.  Don't remember? Let me remind you:
    • "When Anderson Silva walks into a room, you can hear a rat piss on Cotton"
    • "This is a grown man that’s got earrings. This is a grown man who wears his hat sideways. This is a guy who wears pink T-shirts. This guy wouldn’t make it 12 minutes in my neighborhood. I live in a nice neighborhood and we’d still run him out."
    • "People say he's a great fighter, and I say Really? When have you seen him fight? Cause I haven't seen him fight"
    • "He's got a black belt from the Nogueira brothers. I think a black belt under the Nogueira brothers is like saying I got a free toy in your happy meal"
  • He not only trashed talked Anderson, but for 4 1/2 rounds, he thoroughly dominated the champ, something that we had yet to see in the UFC.
  • You probably just don't like Anderson Chael is the best option by default.

Why they hate him:

  • His trash talking crossed the line. Don't remember? Let me remind you:
    • "Take Lance Armstrong.  Lance Armstrong did a number of things...ugh...and he gave himself cancer"
    • "Ed [Soares], pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to CRUCIFY you."
  • Looked like he was going to piss himself when Wanderlei confronted him in a van.  If your gonna talk trash about the Nog's and Brazil, you better stand by your words, cause Wandy is gonna call you out on it, regardless.
  • He thinks that he can get away with anything, with no consequences.  Much like the trash talking of Lance Armstrong, which Chael totally denied, even though it was on tape.  Or when he made up lies about meeting with Keith Keizer, which Keizer called him out on.  Or ripping on Brazil, and the Nogueiras..and Wanderlei calling him on it.  Sonnen says things...lies...thinking there will be zero consequences.
  • He has never heard of BJJ.  Its actually kind of silly. 8 of his 10 losses have been by submission.  You would think that if a fighter really wanted to succeed, he would drill submission defense over and over and over...yet it some how escapes Chael.


Gray Maynard:

Why you love him: He's a beast, and hasn't lost in his career.  He's a humble, quiet, down to earth guy. He's changed from a 1-dimensional wrestler to a wrestler with proficient submissions and boxing.

Why they hate him: He's boring, inside and outside of the ring... like realllly boring.


Jon Jones:

Why you love him: He's the present and future of the sport.  He's a good person.

Why they hate him: He's a snitch.  He thinks he's better then everyone.  He played Rashad like a little bitch.


Matt Hughes:

Why you love him: Greatest WW of all time (before gsp whooped that ass twice).  Exciting fighter. 

Why you hate him: Can be preachy.  Used to be a complete dick (at least he admits it in his book).


Rashad Evans:

Why you love him: Great fighter.  Great person.  Classy guy outside of the ring.

Why they hate him: Arrogant inside the ring.  His wife's voice.  Got punked by Bones Jones.   Boring wrestler.


Mayhem Miller:

Why you love him: He's a under rated fighter. You think he's funny.  He's got a fun show on MTV.

Why they hate him: He's really, really not funny.  His show on MTV isn't that good.


Shinya Aoki:

Why you love him: He's ruthless in the ring.  His grappling is great.  He wears neat looking pants

Why they hate him: He cries like a school boy bitch after he loses.  His fight against Nagashima.


Frank Mir:

Why you love him: He's a good fighter.  He has good BJJ... ummm.... He used to ride a cool motorcycle.

Why they hate him: He's a tool.  He has really ugly facial hair.  He has a perpetual boner for Miguel Torres.  His obsession with Brock Lesnar became really creepy.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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