Ultimate Fighter Anthony Ferguson Talks Headkick KO, Brock Lesnar, Junior dos Santos

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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs Team dos Santos contestant Anthony Ferguson got to fight on the Spike TV reality show for the first time on last night's episode. He took on undefeated wrestler Justin Edwards and beat him with a head kick KO. 

Here's Ferguson blogging about the Edwards fight and "Coach" Lesnar at SBNation.com:

Finally, I got to fight! I knew I was going to be picked before they announced the match-ups and I knew I had to face another wrestler in Justin Edwards. I thought that was to my benefit. I wrestled in college and while I had heard Justin was 6-0 or 7-0, I knew I could hold my own. In fact, I knew I could hold my own no matter where the fight went, but I'd been working really hard on my hands. That was something I was investing time and energy into improving. I wanted to use this fight as a chance to put them to work.

It felt, I don't know, vindicating to hear Brock Lesnar speak about my abilities or say I could win the show. You've noticed I haven't gotten a lot of air time recently. I didn't go on that show to smoke and joke.
Overall, I'm pleased with how the fight went. I knew Justin was going to come out of the gate hard charging and I was mentally prepared for that. He got in on my distance and I noticed watching the tape I was dropping my left constantly. But I felt like I was using my hands, using my jab and throwing every kind of punch that's in a striker's arsenal. I can obviously do better next time, but like I said, I'd invested a lot in improving my hands, my head movement and stuff like that. Justin put a lot of pressure on me early, but obviously I was able to hang on.

I won't say I never get taken down. I got taken down twice in this round, but it doesn't bother me at all. I got back to my fight right away the first time and knocked Justin out cold the next. I think I'm a beast everywhere. That kick wasn't accidental either. From that position I've got a lot of attacks. I actually have a background in breakdancing and that allows me to position my hips a bunch of different ways to throw things at guys they've never seen. You notice that wasn't a straight up kick, bottom to top. That was a heel strike that moved side to side. That balance on my hips and the ability to still generate power comes from hard training and a little bit of breakdancing, too.

Coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos will fight at UFC 131 on June 11 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. The winner of that fight is expected to challenge UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez at UFC in Houston on October 8. 

The finalists of the show will meet at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale on June 4. That event will be headlined by a lightweight fight between Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis that could result in a title shot for Pettis should he win. 


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