UFC 129: Aldo’s Coach Confirms He Was Fighting an Infection, Credits Hominick

Jose Aldo and coach Andre Pederneiras. Photo via Sherdog

Jose Aldo, an athlete considered by many to be among the top in the Pound for Pound rankings, has been receiving a lot of criticism as of late due to his performance at UFC 129 against Mark Hominick. In a fight that had many thinking would be a cakewalk for the UFC Featherweight Champion prior to the bout, ‘Scarface’ saw his toughest test to date since his lone loss, dominating Mark Hominick for the majority of the fight but getting dominated himself before the final bell was rung. This made many question his Pound for Pound credentials. Speculations about a potential illness have been attributed to Aldo’s performance, Andre Pederneiras, Nova Uniao’s head coach, shared his thoughts about whether or not Aldo was in fact sick, and if so, if it had any impact during his fight.

While ‘Dede’ confirmed Aldo was sick a week prior to the fight, he credits Hominick for ‘enduring’ the fight instead of placing blame on the illness.

"(Aldo) suffered a cut in one of his toes a week before the fight and got it infected with a bacteria. He was taking a dose of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the fight so he’d not need to take anything else close to Saturday. I can’t say with 100% certainty that it affected his performance because I’m not a doctor. I give Hominick a lot more credit for enduring the fight than the fact that Aldo took these medications"

 He also showed frustration from the criticism Aldo has been receiving for the fifth round and went on to defend his fighter:

"(Aldo) certainly showed a lot of maturity). In the break from the fourth to the fifth round we had commented that he would only lose with a KO or a submission, if he were to only lose that round he would win the fight. He went in to the fifth round knowing this. People are saying he was done, finished, but have you seen someone "done" defend a punch with a leg before? When someone is done, he gives up and the fight is over. (Aldo) was so aware that he dominated Hominick’s left arm, defending the other punches with his leg raised. Someone "done" does not do that. But those who analyzes (the fight) many times are ignorant of fighting. Of course he got tired, but Hominick was much more, so much so that even though he was on top he did not connect with big punches. A punch from that position is meant for the head to bounce off the ground. Put Aldo in that position, (you’ll see)...

(Aldo) made his debut in the UFC, putting his belt on the line in front of 55 thousand people cheering against him, but people won’t analyze (the fight) that way. He never goes undertrained to a fight. If he happened to be tired, than that would have happened with anyone, they can’t compare him to other athletes that have gassed in the past because this was a fight in the Featherweight division, no other weight class has the same pace as this one"

 While "Dede" is not a doctor, he went on to give his medical opinion on whether the fight should have been stopped due to the hematoma Hominick received:

"It was God that made that kid fall on top. If that ball had busted it would have been terrible for the sport. There were people who stopped watching fearing that ball would get bigger or burst, there was a chance that could have happened. The doctor thought it was okay to proceed, I wouldn’t have put the athlete at risk, but the thought has to be universal. It would have been bad if that had busted"

 He gives his opinion on whether people should question Aldo’s P4P credentials:

Credit has to be given to Hominick for being able to endure so much. People don’t want a fighter, they want a champion that will beat up everyone without breaking a sweat. But (inside the octagon) is a human being just like any other. Before the fight he was unbeatable, now people are saying he can lose, because of a performance that he dominated for four rounds and on the last felt it would be best to not wear himself out. At all times you saw Hominick getting beat. In the areas that Hominick was a specialist, Aldo was better, in boxing, in kickboxing, they say he was the best in the division but received three knock downs.

Quotes translated from Portal do Vale Tudo


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