Randy Couture's Career Remembered by His Fighting Peers

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UFC.com's Thomas Gerbasi collected the thoughts of a section of the UFC roster in regards to how they feel about the one and only Randy Couture, who retired after his KO loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 129 over the weekend. 33 fighters in total shared their opinions on the 5-time UFC champion and Hall of Famer, and it shouldn't come as any surprise that not a negative word was spoken about The Natural. Here are a select few of the quotes:

Alan Belcher:

Randy Couture is like a super hero to me. He’s a man that just keeps going and never gets slowed down by any elements. My perspective is different than someone who trains with Randy on a weekly basis or personally knows him though. I don't know his personality, I just know the icon. I would be star struck to meet him, and although I have trained at his gym on several occasions hoping to meet him, I still have not. I believe Randy is driven by competition and passion for combat and I hope that I can leave a fraction of the legacy he is leaving.

Jake Ellenberger:

Randy Couture is not a mixed martial artist; Randy Couture IS mixed martial arts. He is not only an extraordinary leader and role model, but he is a pioneer and a founding father of our sport. It was a pleasure and an honor to have worked with such a classy guy.

Forrest Griffin:

I've heard this fella Randy Couture’s a pretty good fighter. Well, I suppose that's true. But Randy’s also one of the nicest people in the sport, and I have proof. We were sharing a hotel room one time, strictly platonic, two beds and everything, I swear. Randy had a 6am flight because he's crazy like that - seize the day and all that s**t. I, of course, opted for the more sensible noonish flight. I woke to see Randy sneaking around the room using his cell phone as a light to pack his bags. That's right, Randy didn't want to wake sleeping beauty up. Think about how nice you have to be to not turn the lights on to make sure you got all your s**t. But that’s just Randy - considerate and always with a smile and a kind word. As far as him retiring goes, good, I was getting tired of getting beat up by a guy that was old enough to be my dad.

Matt Hughes:

I've always modeled myself after Randy. He always came in ready and with a game plan. But probably the biggest thing is what he said and how he talked. He always had good answers, and if it came out of Randy's mouth then I would allow myself to say something close to that.

More quotes and recollections can be found in the article here, including the thoughts of Jon Fitch, Evan Dunham, Yves Edwards, and Chris Lytle.

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