An interview with the M-1's New LHW Champ, Vinny Magalhaes

I've said it before but I'll go ahead and mention it again. Vinny Magalhaes is one heck of a submission artist. Since his early days on the Ultimate Fighter, it was plain to see that his jiu jitsu was far better than anyone else's in the room. In fact, he may be the most talented jiu jitsu artist to ever participate in the show. Last week, Magalhaes used that impressive jiu jitsu to win the M-1 Light Heavyweight Belt at M-1 Challenge XXV. We got a chance to talk to the new Light Heavyweight champ about his impressive win and what's next for him.

If you didn't see the fight, Magalhaes pulled off an impressive submission victory. Most people, even myself, have classified it as a modified gogoplata / neck crank. Vinny classifies it strictly as a gogoplata. It would be interesting to talk to Viktor Nemkov, his opponent, to see exactly where he was feeling the pressure. Here is a gif of the ending if you missed it followed by Vinny's thoughts on the fight and his future.

What should we call that submission you won the fight with and is that a move that you work on a lot?

- It was a gogoplata from mount. I read a lot of people saying that it was a gogoplata/neck crank, but it really wasn't. I didn't put any pressure whatsoever on his cervical, it was only a choke. I love to work on S-mount series, and that move is actually one of my favorites, you can even find a video of me showing that move on youtube.

Were you surprised at how many times he gave up mount to you? And were you surprised that you didn't finish it earlier with some of those submission attempts?

- I was not really surprised, Nemkov is a tough guy, even though a lot of people have never heard of him, it's important for people to know that the guy is not one of those new MMA guys that started to train just because they saw TUF on tv. This guy has been involved to martial arts since he's 4 years old, he has a brown belt in judo, he's a master of the sport and current World Champion in Combat Sambo, and he's also one of the very few russian guys that trains BJJ. Of course, I have an edge when it comes to the ground game, but I cannot always walk into a fight thinking that I'm going to run through people once the fight hits the ground.

The commentators made a lot of the issue of jet lag having an affect on your cardio. Did you feel that it affected your cardio at all and were you feeling winded early on?

- I'm not sure if there was anything to do with the jet lag, I fought with what I thought could have been ringworm on my back and it turned to be a staph infection, and this could have been the biggest factor for me to be feeling a little tired. My cardio actually was good, I was recovering really well in between rounds, my lungs were fine, but my body was tired, my legs were heavy, my arms were heavy... My cardio couldn't be the issue, after all I've been in a hard training camp for at least the last 3 months, and had fought not even 4 weeks prior to this last fight, so there was no way that I would be taking a title fight if my cardio wasn't at its best.

Now that your M-1's Light HW Champ, what's the next step for Vinny Magalhaes?

- Now that I hold the M-1 title, I can only think about keeping it. I have 4 more fights left in my contract with M-1, i'm planning on finishing this contract as a champion and eventually sign a new still as a champion.

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