Brian Stann: Why the Haterade?

Reading the comments about Brian Stann, there seem to be a fair number of people who dislike him.  Some openly admit that they do not really know why.  I have had a little bit of a hard time warming up to him myself, and wanted to examine the issue a little bit here.  Why do people hate on Stann?  I jumped over to his Wikipedia page, and gave myself a quick refresher on his background and record.

A few points that jumped out at me that I will elaborate on below:

-Won a Silver Star in the Marines for successfully leading his platoon through 6 days of heavy attacks after they were ambushed in Iraq.  The operation ended with Stann's platoon being successfully relieved, and all 42 members of his unit surviving what seems to have been a very intense and deadly situation. 

-8 of 11 wins by KO or TKO.  His only two decision wins were when he stepped up from WEC to UFC LHW division.  Following his move to 185, he has a sub and two knockouts. 

-Published his memoir "Heart for the Fight: A Marine Hero's Journey from the Battlefields of Iraq to Mixed Martial Arts Champion"

The story of his Silver Star is pretty awesome.  And a Silver Star is a big deal, quoted by wikipedia as the 3rd highest decoration possible for the combat bravery.  Not only did he get a decoration for his valor in combat, but he did so while preserving the lives of all the soldiers in his command. 

His tendency to get wins by stoppage is something that tends to please the fans, myself included.  I have seen a few comments questioning whether he really has that much power, but I think it's indisputable that he does.  Anyone can get a few 'lucky' KO's, but 8 out of 11 is not just fortunate circumstances. 

His book: hmmm, here I think we may be getting to something.  Maybe he takes himself a little bit seriously.  You're 30 years old, and you've already written a memoir.  And you're calling yourself a hero in the title.  Now to be fair, the man has done more at 30 than many will do in a lifetime.  So he's entitled to write a memoir if he wants to.  And he may not have picked the title, but I'm sure he could have had some input if he felt the need.   Maybe I prefer my heroes a little more humble.  But I don't mind some attitude/cockiness from fighters.  Dan Hardy's pretty arrogant, and has less reason to be, and he's a nationalist who represents England against (often) my home country, the good old US of A.

Fight fans in the USA can be a little bit nationalistic.  This is probly true all around the world.  Japanese fighters seem to have gotten better treatment in Pride.  Brazilians like to cheer for Brazilian fighters, etc.  So there's nothing wrong with that per se. 

But I don't care for the way foreign fighters are often booed just for being the foreigner fighting the American.  And the stereotype of the fan who boos the foreign fighters and chants U.S.A. ad nauseum during fights is that he's an uneducated xenophobe who drives a 1-ton truck but never tows or hauls anything and pleasures himself to the thought that we have more aircraft carrier battlegroups than the rest of the world combined. 

That type of fan would have love Brian Stann, and maybe, figuring that him losing would make those hypothetical a-holes sad, a part of me wants him to lose. 

But at this point, I want to give Stann a chance.  He's a knockout artist with a likeable backstory in a division where I don't really have a ton of other fighters to root for. 

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