UFC 131 Press Conference With Junior dos Santos, Shane Carwin

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Bloody Elbow will be bringing you all the updates from today's UFC 131 press conference in real time. 

UFC heavyweights Shane Carwin and Junior dos Santos will both be on the call.

The two men will headline UFC 131 on June 11 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Dos Santos was originally scheduled to be facing former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar. The two coached this season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite one another but Lesnar had to pull out of the fight when a flare up of his diverticulitis necessitated the removal of 12" of his colon. That surgery took place last Friday. Lesnar's return is hoped to occur early in 2012. 

Carwin, a former UFC interim heavyweight champ, stepped in to take Lesnar's place. He had originally been scheduled to face UFC newcomer Jon Olav Einemo on the same card.

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UFC 131 press conference call has begun. first question: Carwin's neck injury. his right arm was going numb and contracting. surgeon fixed.

Carwin says the difference post-surgery is night and day.

Carwin asked if he would've wanted a warm up fight. A: there are no warm-up fights in the UFC. JOE is a very tough opponent.

JDS: I really want to be UFC champ. Carwin is 1 more big challenge in front of me but I believe so much in me I will keep on my way to title

Q: Carwin, what keeps you motivated? A: I'm living the dream plus I have guys in camp that push me and I have to help push them.JDS: I'm feeling very fortified. I know it will be a tough fight, but I'm ready for this.

Q: JDS do you prefer a stand up battle? (dumb question!) A: yes. I believe my boxing bring me here. I will try to keep it standing.

Q: JDS have you spoken to Lew Polley since kicking him off the show? A: No. Someone told me he's saying some BS about me but I don't care.

Q: SC you prefer to stand and bang, is that what we're going to see? A: yes. We both got here by ko'ing people. Fans will be in for a treat.Q: SC, how much are you weighing now and biggest change in diet? A: ~255. Used to walk around 280. diet is mostly organic. lots of fruits and veggies, fish & chicken

SC -- everytime I fight I pray for both fighters to get through it injury free. Hopefully Brock will recover and we can meet again.

JDS: How has your camp changed since Brock dropped out? A: My camp didn't change. The strategy is different now.

JDS: Against Brock it would be easier to box. Now with Carwin he'll have to be more cautious on the feet.Carwin: Camp was same but strategy very different for JDS than for JOE

SC, compare Brock & JDS. SC: Brock is more dangerous on the ground. JDS more on the feet.SC: I learned a lot from Brock loss. Had changes to make with nutrition and cardio.

JDS: tell us what you learned from losing. A: That loss made him more relaxed and he really matured and grew as a fighter after the loss.

Q: 3 things JDS doesn't know about you he should fear. A: Big heart. Toughness. Never giving up.

Q: SC will your wrestling make the diff? SC:I believe in my power.

What do you miss most from fighting? SC: I love to compete. Miss the crazy UFC fans going wild and showing off my skills against top comp.

What do you miss most from fighting? JDS: He really misses doing what he loves to do. The main thing is always be fighting, stay up to date.



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