Tell'em Why You Mad, Son: UFC 130 Edition

I haven't written in a good while (Welcom To Violence Vol. 2 & 3 coming soon). So, I think I'll start doing it again. I'll try and post these after events. What exactly will I be talking about? Basically it's my thoughts and unwanted opinions about the fights, fighters, and online MMA fan reactions. So, withought further ado. My thought on UFC 130.

The event as a whole:

It was quite enjoyable. Outside of the two headlining fights, everything was gravy. I really don't understand the "This event sucked" comments but whatever.

Gleison Tibau:

I've been on his nutsbandwagon since I was in attendance when he mauled Caol Uno. I love the guy but he's not making a run for the title. Sure, he's going to beat most of the low level lightweights but he's getting next leveled every time he steps in with someone that's mid-tier or above.

Tim Boetsch:

Gotdamn that man is strong. He busted out the "Redneck Judo" early and Kendall Grove.....Well Kendall Grove just did what he does. Whatever. But, yea. Boetsch had a good showing but I wouldn't buy the idea of him making a run for the title if it was on clearance. Let's see how he does against a Riki Fukuda or Jason McDonald first.

Kendall Grove:


Brian Stann:

I despise him deeply and I don't know why. But he smashed Santiago. SMASHED him. Shit was ridiculous. I'd like to see him against Bisping, Belfort or Belcher (Three names starting in B?).

Jorge Santiago:

Damn homie. Just damn. That wonky ass chin was a bit protected in Japan. Just sayin'. The UFC's MW division is full of heavy handed strikers. I really don't like his chances here. I may be wrong but....oh well.

Rick Story:

I wouldn't fight him if I had  a metal cricket bat and a blunderbuss. His chin can only be explained by some weird Golden Age Marvel Comics origin story. That damn thing was created during a nuclear experiment gone wrong or something. Makes no sense. That being said, his game plan was perfect. Tire out Alves and dig in those guts every time that there was an opening. 

Thiago Alves:

Wrestlers are his Kryptonite.Nothing else to say here.

Stefan Struve:

Yea, you "got your wig pushed back" on saturday. It's like all his training goes out the window if he sees the opening to stand and bang. Makes no sense at all. What's the point of training with high level strikers if you're going to try and brawl with dudes that can nuke you with one punch? Brawling is bad for your health homeskillet and trying to please the fans will put you on an express train to punch drunk land. Let that shit go and follow a damn gameplan.

Frank Mir:

I still don't like him as a fighter.

Roy Nelson:

Get a real training camp and have a real talk with Mike Dolce.


I'm no longer a fan. Not because you put on a bad performance, because you didn't. But your pre/post fight antics are just uncalled for. The stuff is disrespectful and borderline childish at times. Not really sure why Dana is pushing a Rampage/Jones fight either.

Mat Hamill:

He solidified himself as a LHW gatekeeper on Saturday. He's had some good wins but the upper echelon of the division is just too much for him. Plus he's 34. 

Well, that's about it for now. Agree? Disagree? Whatever, I'm going to go watch The Hangover 2. 

Also, if you feel like reading some of my non MMA related nonsense and listening to stuff that I listen to. Meet me on Monsta Island, where the girls look good and the MC's be wildin'.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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