UFC 130 Aftermath: Mike Dolce Says He Can Help Roy Nelson Drop to Middleweight

Roy Nelson has to 'weigh' his options soon -- Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC of Getty Images via UFC.com

Roy Nelson is fat. That's no secret. After his second loss in a row on a lackluster performance against Frank Mir, Dana White has suggested that Roy needs to lose weight and make a serious career decision, or risk being cut. SBNation's Jonathan Snowden echoed the same sentiment:

Rogan suggested that Nelson would be better suited at 205 pounds. I'm not sure that's the right target. Eyeballing his gut and noting his six foot height, Nelson may actually be best suited for middleweight. Either way, a change has to be made.

His appearance and refusal to take his profession seriously is embarrassing. The sport of MMA is still in a very precarious place in terms of key perceptions. UFC President Dana White and a generation of fighters have worked hard to erase a lot of stigmas about the UFC being nothing more than a bar fight or glorified tough man contest. One look at Nelson's gut hanging over his shorts helps erase all that progress in a mere moment.

...If Nelson isn't serious enough about his profession to lose weight, rededicate himself to training, and look for a title shot in a more appropriate weight class, why is the UFC wasting our time with his fights?

Nelson needs to make the changes necessary to stay in the UFC. If not, the UFC is well within their rights to send him packing.

Roy Nelson had a brief conversation with Mike Dolce after UFC 130, with the nutritionist expressing interest in working with him. Dolce has worked with guys like Quinton Jackson, Thiago Alves, and Michael Bisping, among others, helping them change their diet and drop weight the right way. He says he can do the same for Nelson, and evan claims that 'The Dolce Diet' can help him drop down to middleweight if he wanted to:

"The heavyweight division is just filled with guys that walk around not paying attention to diet because they only think in terms of weight class, they don’t think in terms of longevity or athleticism,"

"In my honest and humble opinion, I believe I could help Roy Nelson unlock his full potential as an athlete, as a fighter, but also in health potential as a human being... I can get him down easily if he wants to be a chiseled heavyweight. I can certainly do that. If he wants to be a light heavyweight I can do that. I could probably get him down to middleweight depending on what his goals are. I could do it the most healthy way possible, extend his life, extend his vitality, all of those things. But in the short term take every possible advantage to get the utmost of his ability."

As Kat of Gals Guide to MMA said, their conversation after UFC 130 could've been very casual, but with his meeting with an unhappy boss in Dana White approaching, Nelson might want to follow up with Dolce real soon.


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