BElitists vs. MMAManiacs Betting Game Team Sign Ups

So earlier today when I was eating too much sushi this happened:

Greetings from Mania!!!! I come in good peace and w/ good intentions, I have rec's to trade and admiration for you moderation and writing prowess.

The Mania vs B.E. feud is never ending, sometimes gaining steam and sometimes dormant. You think your smart, we think we’re men, it’s a vicious cycle. I propose we harness the energy into something both substantial and productive.

I am here to challenge you and am only interested in competing against your best.

We have a pool of 50+ filling out picks for a small wager on, I see you have a similar betting game going on. My proposition is that you gather your 10 largest brains and I will do the same. We have a multi-event pick off (details to be negotiated), no money involved, purely for bragging rights and site superiority. No longer will we be able to bicker over which site is what as we will have a common neutral battle ground to prove our worth. This would decrease the tension as well as reinforce our pride for our homeland.

You have 24 hours to assemble your 10 man/women crew (no site staff aloud) and you also need to elect a team captain.

Only the team captain can cross over and comment on the other site so that this doesn’t get messy.

I will captain the mania team and instruct my men to unite in a truce until we receive your response. Have your captain meet me tomorrow on the mania “money pool” thread or forever regret missing the chance to prove your superiority. If all goes well this could be a continuous battle and could end up doing good for both sites.

Again i come in peace and look forward to your response.

So I guess that since I am the Betting Game post guy, it is up to me to assemble our crew.

So, who's comin with me?

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