Frank Mir Criticism


I have sat back over the last few weeks and read so many comments about how Nelson had too much for Mir and there is no area that Frank really excelled (not even on the ground) because of some match 8 years ago?!.


It started to annoy me due to the fact that nelson has never beaten anyone of any note but yet had the tools to beat a 2x world champ in Frank Mir.


As last night proved, the general wanting/hoping Frank Mir will lose clouds most people's rightful judgement.


Mirs hit list now includes..


Sylvia - Sub/Stoppage

Lesnar - Sub

Nogueria - TKO

Kongo - Submission

Cro Cop - KO

Nelson _ UD


Not to shabby for overated, gassing/unfit, cocky motormouth.


Yet everyone will pull up a specific reason to why he lost each fight.


Sylvia was not that good - FACT = he was one of the most dominant heavyweights in that era.

Lesnar - He was green - FACT = Green enough to become "baddest man on the planet" 2 fights later.

Nogeria - he was passed it. FACT = Not the Nog from Pride but still a class act and most people thought Mir would get schooled.

Kongo - not that good FACT = obviously not elite but still an elite striker and dropped Cain twice.

Cro Cop - too old. FACT = no excuses here.. just a poor fight but still ended in KO.

Nelson - Too fat/conditioning. FACT = This is true but 1 fight before put Dos Santos through his paces. But got outclassed.


People then say that he would get blitzed by Dos Santos or Cain.


I go on record as saying that I believe they are the 2 best in the division of that there is no doubt.. but hear me out.


Lets look at Cains record...






Jake o Brien



not exactly amazing is it.


Same with Dos Santos.


People will dismiss all of Mirs wins but yet champion other fighters who havent beaten the same level of fighters he has. Its just pure hating cos he is a bit of a douche sometimes.


I think some people who are quick to dismiss a guy who has been UFC basically from the beginning.. Been a 2x Champion, come back from a career ending injury still cant find any common sense about him.


I dont think Mir will win it again, but to quickly dismiss his chances every time is ridiculous.


A tendency to crumble when getting hit is pointed at (which is true in most accounts). But even the hardened hater must be willing take the loses to Vera and De Pano with a pinch of salt as we all know it was a horrible decision to return back without being in shape from not just a small injury.. but a shattered leg.

The other 3 were all KOs.. big deal.. its heavyweight fighting with Tiny gloves.

He may never be champ again but he deserves alot more respect.

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