UFC 130 Results: Rampage vs. Hamill - Play by Play and Live Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 130: . The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook undercard stream (6:45 p.m. ET), continuing through the Spike TV undercard broadcast (8 p.m. ET) through the pay-per-view (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a light heavyweight bout between former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson and Matt Hamill. The co-main event of the evening sees former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir as he faces Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson. Other featured pay-per-view bouts for the evening include Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago, Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne and Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story. The featured non-PPV undercard bout sees former bantamweight champion Miguel Torres facing a stiff test from Demetrious Johnson.

Make sure that you come back and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

UPDATE: This is Kid Nate tagging in for Brent for the Facebook fights. We are live on the UFC's Facebook page.

Renan Barao vs Cole Escovedo: Round 1 Barao charges forward behind some stiff punches. Escovedo tries for the Thai Plum but Barao takes him right down. Barao in Escovedo's guard. They're back on their feet. Barao takes center cage. Escovedo circles to his left, catches a leg kick. Barao with a combo, clinches, Escovedo jumps into guard. Escovedo looking for an opening from his back but Barao's defense inside the guard is tight. Barao throwing some elbows. Ref stands them up. Escovedo with a pair of high kicks and a jab. Barao clinches, gets another take down before the round ends.  Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Barao. Round 2 Barao advancing behind some punches. Eats a hard straight right, buckles and shoots in. Escovedo might've caught him with an illegal knee. They tussle on the ground for a bit before Barao stands. Escovedo lands a standing elbow to the head. Back to the ground, Barao on top. Stalemate inside Escovedo's guard re-ensues. Another restart. Barao with a combo of punches. Another clinch. This time Escovedo pushes Barao into the fence. And we're down again, Barao on top. Round ends. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Barao. Round 3 Barao throws a flying knee, back to the clinch, back to the ground. Escovedo trying to trap an arm. Kicks Barao off. Back to the feet. Kick by Escovedo. Spinning back fist lands for Barao. Straight right by Escovedo. Barao tries another flying knee or might've been a feint-jumping punch. Multiple standing exchanges. Barao getting the better of them. Another big slam from Barao. Back in Escovedo's guard. Back to the feet. Another flying knee attempt. Teep kick. Spinning kick from Barao. And yet another take down for Barao. One more slam before the buzzer. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 and 30-27 for Renan Barao. And the judges agree: Unanimous Decision for Renan Barao over Cole Escovedo.

Chris Cariaso vs. Michael McDonald Round 1 Cariaso comes out southpaw. McDonald connecting. They clinch up. Battling against the fence. McDonald gets control and backs away. Cariaso lands a kick. Fairly even exchanges. McDonald not capitalizing on his reach advantage as much as you'd expect. Cariaso lands a head kick. McDonald whiffs one. They clinch. They break. McDonald lands a shot, Cariaso falls. Might've been a stumble. McDonald follows him down. Not much happening on the ground. They stand. More fairly even exchanges. Cariaso tries a kick and McDonald gets a late take down. Cariaso tries for a heel hook. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for McDonald. Round 2 Early trading. Leg kick from Cariaso. Body kick. Cariaso forces a clinch. McDonald shrugs him off. Leg kick from Cariaso. Body kick from Cariaso. McDonald lunges, misses. Body kick, Cariaso slips. Back up. McDonald lands a sharp counter. Cariaso outlanding him but McDonald is landing harder. They break after a low blow to McDonald. McDonald trying to take control of the cage. Cariaso lands with a body kick, misses with a right high kick. Leg kick from McDonald. High kick from Cariaso. He shoots, gets stuffed. McDonald in control of the clinch. Cariaso fights him off. Cariaso moving forward. McDonald explodes straight through a double leg. Side control.; Full mount. Cariaso gets to half guard, McDonald backs up to his feet. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for McDonald but was very very close Round 3 Cariaso firing kicks. McDonald with a rear leg body kick. They trade a punch for a kick. Cariaso with a body kick. Cariaso uses an overhand right from the clinch and follows through to get the take down. McDonald in guard with a tight left overhook. He's working for a sweep. Can't get it. Cariaso in full guard. McDonald's defensive guard is very tight. Back to their feet. McDonald explodes through a double leg, gets Cariaso down. Cariaso busts out an omaplata attempt with a quickness! McDonald stands up and escapes after being trapped for a few. Inconclusive action. Very very tough to score. Bloody Elbow scores the third round for Cariaso 10-9 and the fight for Michael McDonald 29-28. 30-27 Cariaso, 29-28 McDonald, 29-28 McDonald. Michael McDonald takes a split decision over Chris Cariaso.

Rafaello Oliveira vs. Gleison Tibau Round 1 Extended feeling out process. Oliveira fighting southpaw. Tibau gets him down. Oliveira quickly rolls Tibau off of him. Back to the feet. Tibau wings some hooks. Oliveira ducks under. Leg kick attempt from Oliveira. Tibau wings a left, misses. Tibau follows a left with a successful single leg. Oliveira in half guard. Tibau lands from the top, back to full guard, then to the feet. Oliveira charging in behind a punch. Oliveira connects with a left. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Tibau. Round 2 Early trading before Tibau forces a clinch. Eats a knee. Inside leg kick from Oliveira. Tibau with a double leg gets Oliveira down. Full guard. Nice exchange on the ground gets Tibau to side control. Brief arm triangle threat. Action very quick. Oliveira gets up. Tibau lands a short left that hurts Oliveira. He follows up and drops him. Follows him down. Oliveria bleeding from the nose. Tibau gets back mount. Punching from the top. Oliveira bridges up, Tibau stays on, drives him back down. Tibau gets the choke. Gleison Tibau defeates Rafaello Oliveira via submission at 3:28 of round 2.

Brent Brookhouse taking things back over. The Spike broadcast is live and the next fight will be up in a moment.

Kendall Grove vs. Tim Boetsch - Round 1 - Leg kick by Boetsch early and now he shoots in. He looks pretty solid in his middleweight debut. Boetsch with a takedown and he's letting his left hand go quickly. Grove gets up and starts looking to use his length. Boetsch fires a left hook that is partially blocked and now closes distance to get the takedown. Grove looks to set up an armbar and can't finish it but they do go back to standing. Boetsch looking for the takedown again as he pushes Grove into the cage. Kendall looks for the guillotine but doesn't have it. Boetsch is clearly starting to fade as his mouth comes open. Kendall muscling him into the cage now. Boetsch having a lot of trouble with the takedowns he was nailing early and the round ends. Tim is gassing pretty hard but he should have won that round 10-9.

Round 2 - It's a lot of muscling against the fence but again it's Tim who is finding his back against the cage. Boetsch with a nice takedown as he is trying to get off the fence. Nice punches and elbows from Boetsch. Tim in side control and landing punches. Kendall gets up but gets taken back down. Grove gets back up again but he doesn't really have a good answer for the strategy of Boetsch here. Tim had a lot more in the gas tank then I thought. The round ends and it would appear to be a clear 10-9 round for Boetsch.

Round 3 - Boetsch shooting in after Grove's corner told him he can finish it and to give it everything he has. Big takedown finally by Boetsch. Knees to the body by Boetsch as Grove stands up. Boetsch shoots right back in but he looks badly gassed with three minutes left. Grove with a hard jab. Boetcsh with a takedown and almost falls into a triangle and they end up standing again. Boetsch with a takedown again. Grove manages to get a takedown with about 40 seconds left but Boetsch tries to get a front headlock and uses it to get on top. The round ends. 10-9 Boetsch gives him the clean sweep on my card.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Tim Boetsch wins by unanimous decision.

Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson - Round 1 - Leg kick by Johnson and he's trying to time his shot. Torres looked for a takedown but it was Johnson that got it. Sweep by Torres almost into mount but ends up in Johnson's half guard. Torres almost passes to mount but ends up in side control. Johnson regains butterfly guard but Torres passes to side control again. Nice reversal by Johnson. Torres looks to take a leg and Torres lands a big upkick in the following scramble. Torres continually attacking off his back. And the round ends with Johnson getting out of a choke. Very good round for both men but I'd go 10-9 Torres.

Round 2 - Leg kick by Johnson. Johnson tries to wade in with strikes but doesn't land. Johnson shoots again and again gets the takedown. Torres attacks with a triangle and scrambles to his feet off of it. Johnson with another takedown and Torres is throwing a lot of elbows and now gets another sweep. They scramble and Torres almost locks up a reverse triangle. This is a classic example of a guy winning a round off his back. Torres was looking for a kimura but Johnson avoided it. Johnson just hasn't been able to do anything with the takedowns. Odd scramble with neither guy really coming out ahead. Johnson ends the round on top but I gave it to Torres for doing far more. 10-9 Torres.

Round 3 - Johnson with a takedown and Torres right away is attacking him and looks to take the arm. Johnson gets to side control but Torres just rolls and regains guard. Johnson to half guard. Scramble and Johnson works to Torres' back. Sweep by Torres into full mount. Johnson turns trying to take a leg and manages to regain butterfly guard. Miguel looking for an arm triangle. Torres with a guillotine attempt and Johnson escapes. One last takedown by Johnson but I have it a clean sweep for Torres. 

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Demetrious Johnson wins by unanimous decision.

Remember kids, all you need to do is score takedowns, doesn't matter if you do anything with them.

The Pay-Per-View broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago - Round 1 - Stann comes forward with a combination that doesn't land. USA chants, not shocking. Santiago moving around looking for an opening but not throwing anything. Both men throwing and missing some shots. Leg kick by Santiago and a grazing punch earlier opened a cut on Stann. Santiago loading up on the right hand and he grazes Stann's chin with it. Hard leg kick by Stann. Head kick by Santiago lands. Right hand by Santiago lands. Leg kick by Stann again. Left hand by Stann hurts Santiago and he tries to follow up with a big barrage of punches. Stann doing good damage here. Hammerfists by Stann and Santiago is just trying to survive here. Stann continuing to fire away. Stann lands some big shots near the end of the round. 10-9 round for Stann.

Round 2 - Santiago throws a right hand early and he looks a little better. Takedown attempt by Santiago and Stann defends well. Knee to the body by Santiago. Back to distance now. Leg kick by Stann. Leg kick again by Stann. Body kick by Santiago and a right hand follow up. Stann comes forward with two punches, getting a left hand through. Santiago has another shot stuffed. Leg kick again for Stann. Left hand by Santiago but he gets hit with a left in return. Spinning back fist lands for Santiago and Stann returns fire. Nice left hand by Stann. Flying knee attempt by Santiago is blocked by Stann. Right hand by Stann hurts Santiago and he goes down. Stann follows up with some punches and the ref jumps in. Brian Stann wins by TKO (punches), round 2.

Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story - Round 1 - Story throws a stiff combination and Alves just cracks him with a simple counter. Story with the takedown against the cage and Alves is fighting to get to his feet. Story throwing knees to the thigh. Alves tries for a takedown of his own but can't get it. Story continuing to press Alves into the cage. They're restarted in the center of the cage. Alves clinches Story, throws a knee and Story pushes him into the cage. Story lands a few punches and Alves turns him into the cage but gets spun around again. They start trading shots and it's Alves landing the better punches but too late as Story won the round 10-9.

Round 2 - Story with a quick takedown but Alves gets up. They exchange a little before Story gets another takedown. Alves gets up again and now it's Thiago with the takedown. He does a little damage before Story manages to get back up. Story continues to look for takedowns now but Alves is defending well. Story looking to win the round by pressing him into the cage. They're restarted again. Right hand by Alves. Head kick by Alves. Story pushes him into the cage again. Head kick by Alves misses. Alves with a few punches but too little, too late. 10-9 Story.

Round 3 - Alves looking to open up with the straight punches. Big knee by Alves and a right hand follows up. Left hook by Alves now. He's landing hard shots this round. Leg kick by Alves. Story quickly looking for the takedown and Alves gets away from the cage. Nice shots by Alves. Story lands a short right hand. Alves looks for the takedown and can't get it. Nice left hook by Alves. Story again pushes him into the cage. Huge right hand by Alves. He is landing big punches this round and he lands a big left hand. Story is eating these punches well. Right hand by ALves again. Big right hand and a big knee by Alves. Head kick by Alves and a knee. Story lands a few punches and Alves lands a few knees and punches and he clearly won that round 10-9. But I still have it 29-28 Story.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Rick Story wins by unanimous decision.

Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne - Round 1 - Browne throws a leg kick that misses and one that lands and then Struve throws one in return. Browne kind of dancing around in that fake "light on your feet" way that you see a 2-2 boxer do in an American Legion show. Browne clinches him against the cage, they're quickly restarted. Right hand by Browne misses. Front kick by Struve misses. I'm typing "misses" a lot. Leg kick by Browne. Body kick by Struve. They both miss some punches, Struve checks a kick and lands a right hand. Browne with a takedown. Struve with a sweep and in the scramble he almost lands a D'Arce choke, then tries for an anaconda but neither of them finish the fight and they're back to standing where Browne is sucking wind through an open mouth. Browne lands a big punch out of nowhere and the fight is quickly stopped. Wow. That came quick. Hard to tell from first glance if Struve was out or not. Replay shows he was clearly out. Good call. Travis Browne wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson - Round 1 - Mir with a left hand early. Right hand by Nelson and he charges forward and pushes Mir into the cage. Mir turns him and puts Roy's back on the cage. Big knee to the head by Mir. Mir with some nice defensive work and he is landing some big shots on Roy. Nelson scoring with a right hand now. Nelson pushing him into the cage and holding him there. Knees by Mir have Nelson fading and looking a touch desperate. Nelson fires some big punches that hit air and Mir tags him again. Great throw by Mir and he has full mount! Roy gives up his back but gets to standing. Nelson got pretty well beat up this round. 10-9 Mir.

Round 2 - Right hand lands for Nelson. Nice body kick by Mir. Combination by Mir and he pushes Nelson into the cage. Mir drops down and gets the single leg takedown. Nelson gives up his back again and again uses it to get to standing. Another takedown by Mir. Nelson doesn't exactly have any answers this fight. Nelson is badly gassed and Mir tags him with a kick to the body as they get back to standing. Nelson has nothing here. He can barely make it back to the corner. 10-9 Mir.

Round 3 - Mir gets a takedown fairly early in the round. Nelson is just hanging out on his back here trying to get to the final bell. Mir passes to half guard. Nelson manages to get back to standing and gets dumped again, quickly. Nelson manages to get back up and gets put right back down. Mir is just blasting him with huge elbows now. The fight ends and it was a pretty dominant 30-27 (or more) fight for Mir.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 30-26. Frank Mir wins by unanimous decision.

Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill - Round 1 - Hamill trying to go to the leg kicks early. Hamill shoots and Rampage stuffs it and hits a few short punches. Every time it looks like Rampage is about to punch it becomes clear that Hamill is pretty worried about tasting that power. Leg kick by Hamill again. Another shot by Hamill is stuffed and he keeps circling. Jackson with two nice punches that both land. Hamill has another takedown stuffed and just misses eating a huge knee. Hamill is looking really discouraged and Rampage is hitting him with some big shots. Hamill goes back to his corner bleeding from the mouth and nose. 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2 - Hamill with a very sloppy shot and Jackson stuffs it with ease. Another weak shot by Hamill and Jackson makes him pay with a powerful flurry. Not a ton of activity through the first half of the second round. And not much more over the next minute. Finally Rampage unloads with some big shots and Hamill is hurt. Every time Rampage lands there looks to be a brief moment where Hamill thinks about wanting out. 10-9 Rampage.

Round 3 - As we head into the final round the main question is if Hamill can make it to the final bell. Hamill does briefly manage to push Jackson into the cage but doesn't do anything with it. Left hand lands for Hamill. Hamill pushes him into the cage again and ends up eating a knee. Jackson starting to land his punches again and a few bigger ones have Hamill wobbling backward. The crowd boos as we hit the 30 final thirty seconds. Big knee by Quinton hurts Hamill and the fight ends. Clean sweep for Jackson 30-27.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson wins by unanimous decision.


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