Titan Fighting Championships 18 Weigh in Results from Kansas City

Titan Fighting 18 is set to take place tomorrow at the Historic Memorial Hall in Kansas City. We will be giving live play by play for the whole event so make sure to check out for the latest action. Former WEC and UFC star, Jens Pulver, will be headlining the card in a match against "Mr. D" Brian Davidson. Drew McFedries and Rory Markham were both scheduled to be on the card but pulled out last minute. Titan found some solid replacements in the Rosholt brothers, Jake and Jared. All fighters stepped on the scale Thursday and we were there for the event.

There were quite a few catch weight bouts on the card but most fighters came in on weight.

In the main event, Pulver came in at 139 while his opponent, Davidson, came in at 141. The bout was set at a catch-weight of 140. Pulver has said that he hopes to make the move to 135 and this is one of his tests on the way down. He looked healthy and seemed to be in good spirits which is a good sign if he plans to continue to cut weight. Davidson had just 17 days to cut down to 140 and we will see if such a quick cut has any affect on him in the fight. We did get the chance to sit down with Davidson earlier and he made mention of the fact that he was dieting hard but didn't seem concerned that it would influence his endurance in the fight.

You can click here to see the full gallery of pictures and videos from the weigh in

I did get the chance to speak with Jared Rosholt. Brian Davidson BellatorJared recently won the Abu Dhabi tournament qualifier in San Diego, CA and will be traveling to London to participate in this year's ADCC tournament. Jared is a three time All-American wrestler from Oklahoma State who has been training MMA less than a year. His professional record is 2-0 and he won his most recent fight just last weekend in Oklahoma by way of armbar. Jake and Jared both fought last weekend, will be fighting this weekend, and have fights lined up for the following weekend. The Rosholt family has a summer packed full of fights.

Jake Rosholt is probably best known for his arm triangle victory over Chris Leben at UFC 102. Since that time, Jake has been released from the UFC following a loss to Kendall Grove but has gone 5-1 since leaving the promotion. Both Jake and Jared were given 4 days notice of their fights in Titan but both stated they had already been training and were in fighting shape.

Here are the official weigh-ins for all fighters:

Jens Pulver (139) vs. Brian Davidson (141)

Jake Rosholt (198.4) vs. John Ott (199.6)

Jared Rosholt (258.8) vs. Kirk Grinlinton (253.8)

Joe Wilk (148) vs. Jesse Zeugin (153.2)

Rudy Bears (184) vs. Darryl Cobb (184.6)

Bobby Cooper (176.2) vs. Nick Budig (176.2)

Sean Wilson (156.2) vs. Deryck Ripley (155)

Again, you can check out the full gallery by clicking here and make sure to go like us on facebook to stay up to date with all things jiu jitsu and MMA!

We got the chance to talk to Jens about his all things Titan Fighting and what the future holds for him:

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