Bloody Elbow Partners With TiqIQ To Provide UFC Tickets


As you undoubtedly know, acquiring UFC tickets can be a bit of a hassle if you are not a UFC Fight Club member. Most events are sold out quickly and you are forced to go through the secondary market in order to acquire tickets. While Bloody Elbow's partnership with TiqIQ won't change any of that, it will make it a lot easier to find the best priced tickets in various sections by aggregating various ticket retailers' prices and connecting you with them.

Soon there will bea new tab along the top navigation bar called "tickets." By clicking on that tab, you'll be taken to the Bloody Elbow ticket center where you'll be able to find tickets for every UFC (and hopefully Strikeforce and other MMA) event. For now just click this link to buy tickets.

What TiqIQ essentially does is serve as an aggregator for other ticket retailers such as StubHub and eBay, showing you a range of ticket location and prices. There's even a color-coded system that tells you if a ticket is a good or bad deal. I would suggest playing around with a little, but you'll find that on the first screen you'll see a chart that shows you the historic prices of tickets for that game and whether they've been going up or down, as well as show you what TiqIQ thinks are the best deals. To dig a little deeper, just click on the game and you'll see a complete seating chart that displays are the available tickets, how many are available and how much they cost.

More details in the full entry.


TiqIQ can also provide you a longer-term picture of how much tickets are going for (the image at the top of the story). As part of this partnership, you'll probably also see occasional tweets on the BE Twitter account alerting you to particularly good deals. Hopefully, you won't find this too obtrusive and we would definitely like your feedback.

Our hope is that this partnership will be seen as adding value to the site, as working with a smart ticket company like this seems to be a natural direction for us. While we don't endorse ticket scalping, this at least provides you a realistic picture of what you can expect to pay for a given game and should provide you the ability to find the best priced tickets. SB Nation first began working with TiqIQ back in November and so far it has been well received.

As a side note, BE will be getting a relatively small percentage of every ticket that gets sold through our site. It's not necessarily a lot of money, but we are just poor bloggers and definitely appreciate the support.

By all means, if you have any questions let us know and we'll do our best to get you answers.

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