Which fighting style is best for a bar fight?





 There you are, enjoying your favorite over priced beverage, when all of a sudden your "Spider Senses" kick in. It may be a broken bottle, a loud ruckus or an eerie silence, but you a certain of one thing. There’s a fight about to happen! You glance around the room and then you see it. There’s a muscular fellow with his veins popping from where his neck should be, an angry scowl, and a tiny penis complex. He’s angry and no amount of Jaeger bombs can save him from his rage. As you’re about to laugh at the spectacle you notice that he’s glaring his angry, testosterone filled eyes at you.

                As me and my roommate were discussing very important issues such as "Could Brock Lesnar beat Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard at the same time?" we stumbled upon a question that divided us more than any other topic. It started out simple enough. "So (pfffffff) what (cough, cough) fighting style is best for a bar fight?" This started a complex argument neither of us expected.

                We started to break down the fighting styles one by one and added in any scenario that could happen in an everyday bar fight.  

Wrestling: A ground fighting style that some would say is the most important base for any up and coming fighter. In a bar scenario everything changes. When you add in the fact that you could be fighting multiple people wrestling may not be the best practice to try.

BJJ: Another great and useful tool in the cage. I would jump up and down if I saw a guy throw up a flying arm bar in the middle of a pumped up crowd, but again it may not be the best against multiple attackers. Take the triangle for example. It’s the perfect way to get reverse curb stomped.

Boxing: Boxing is near the top. The only problem is that boxing is limited and the outcome of the fight may not depend on your skill level. A bar fight does not resemble a Floyd Maywhether fight. A "boxing" bar fight looks a lot more like a Lenard Garcia fight.

Traditional Martial Arts (TMA): Unless you’re the son of a piss breathed father I’d back off of this fighting style in bar fight. Not only do TMA’s take a long time to master, but they also teach respect and discipline. Respect and discipline are great for everyday life, but in a bar fight I’d throw that out of the window.

Now here is where me and my roommate really differ. I said "(Pfffffff) Come on man is there a better style than Muay Thai? Most fights are in close quarters (pffffff). Man you got elbows, a clinch, and of course knees! What would be better than that?"

As the glow of being the all-knowing slacker that reads BE all day started to sink in he said something that rattled me."Could I be wrong? I forgot about that style. Shit that was a good answer." I pondered. His response?

(Pfffff) What about Judo? You could flip 5 or 6 dudes in a row. While you’re getting punched in the ribs by the tiny dicked guy’s secrete lover, I’ll be hip tossing people and awaiting the next without even losing my breath. Judo man, Judo.)

Neither of us truly knew if the other was right. So I decided to take this conundrum to the fine people of Bloody Elbow.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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