Let's Improve The Dialogue

If any of you have spent time on different MMA sites you know that the discourse here at BE is light years better than most sites. It is a relatively troll free environment with some incredibly knowledgeable posters. I learn something new here all the time and I always have a laugh too. I also love how BE self corrects bad trends. RIP sarcasm font. I want to keep that going and have some simple ideas on how to improve the dialogue overall. Let me stress, these are just my opinions. But, as you know, I'm pretty set in my opinions. Here we go.


  • LOL!!!!!!- Ok, when I pick up my pre-teen daughter's iPod, and see her text messages it is filled with LOL's and exclamation points, I think it's cute in a teeny bop, Hello Kitty kind of way. Great for a 10 year old. Annoying as hell among adults. If you have something to say that requires a half dozen exclamation points think about what you are trying to say and if it is worth it in the first place.
  • FAP!- Can we eliminate this from our vocabulary? I didn't know what it meant till I recently googled it and all I can say is, gross. I read visually. Often times an amazing match gets announced and someone types FAP. Sometimes repeatedly. The last image I want in my head is someone masturbating over a fight announcement.
  • While we are on the subject of unnecessary genitalia references can we drop the term "nuthugger" for good? It's not only another nasty visual reference, but it is juvenile, obnoxious, insulting and way overused in the MMA community. It's the kind of word that stereotypes the MMA fan as a knuckle dragging, open mouth breathing cretin. I think we can evolve and move on from this term. It would be great if BE was one MMA site where this insult was banned.
  • Can we retire .gifs like this and other too often used images. I like the Simpson's and South Park but... 25-og-come-on-son_medium


  • This is just a technical thing, if you are going to write a fan post that is either lengthy or .gif heavy please put a jump in. It makes scrolling thru so much easier for mobile readers.

I love the banter here. I know that I can be a rather stubborn, opinionated individual, but that's part of the fun, as is any of it that gets dished back at me. Bring it. I'm invested in BE as a fan and a regular reader. I want to see it continue to grow. These are just a few things I thought could help elevate the discourse. Share any ideas you might have as well about our conversations so we can continue to make BE the best site for talking about MMA, period.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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