This is what I want from a new TUF or how to make TUF better

This is what I want from a new TUF:

1. On top of having competent skilled fighters, you need unique entertaining fighters as well.

2. Keep on bringing in some interesting, famous, legendary combat sports or celebrity athletes to visit and teach the fighters.

3. Go to Asia and actually film TUF there, or go to a unique entertaining training location, gym, school, dojo etc. and actually soak up that area and let the show expound on that.

4. Have Sakuraba as a head coach, film in Japan maybe, translate all that he says, have another opposing coach be, I dunno, maybe a Gracie or anyone that is interesting. Or have legendary status coaches, just maybe forget about having active fighter coaches fighting at the conclusion, you don't always have to have the coaches be current fighters with an upcoming fight. Same with their assistant coaches, have legendary status guys we care about maybe. And then when you have a more interesting coach bring in assistant coaches that are part of their story and background and tell more about the head coaches background and have that as part of the show to teach and train the fighters.

5. Maybe get out of the UFC training center. Train somewhere else. Show us some unique revolutionary varied training philosophies. MMA is evolving everyday. Why can’t TUF show us that as well.

6. When you have interesting fighters you can actually show me more about their story or background instead of just talking about it.

7. Maybe Zuffa should hire WWE to help them in some production aspects (of all shows not just TUF) since WWE is branching out into that now.

What I am describing is possibly not economically, logistically feasible at this time, but it may happen one day. Just compare the shows WWE put on in the 80s on Television (not PPVs) versus what's on today, it's night and day in terms of content for the most part.

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