KSW 16 Live Results and Commentary

KSW 16 will take place at Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland on Saturday, May 21st at 8:00 PM CET (2:00 PM ET)

Join us at BloodyElbow.com this afternoon at 2:00 PM ET for live results and commentary of KSW 16, airing live via online pay-per-view and Polsat TV from Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland. The card will feature some of Western Europe's top talents including #5-ranked 2011 World MMA Scouting Report rankee Jan Blachowicz, James Zikic, and Sengoku veteran Mamed Khalidov. The card will also include appearances from UFC veteran Matt Lindland, PRIDE veteran James Thompson, and five-time World's Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski

The stream can be purchased through the IPLA TV website for only $3. For those who can't fork over $3 measly bones, we'll be providing play-by-play coverage of KSW 16. Join the comments section for live discussion of the event and instant analysis. Follow me, @lelandroling, on Twitter for instant analysis and comic relief during the fights.

For those who bought the card, @mmabuffet via Twitter has the word on how to get this to work. Apparently it is done through the IPLA TV Player. Go to IPLA.tv, click on "Sprawdz" on the right side near the top, install the player for Windows or Mac, whichever you have. Install, then click the SPORTS icon in the ribbon at the top that scrolls horizontally. There will be a textbox with a button, enter your code there.

KSW 16 - Gdansk, Poland - Ergo Arena, Saturday, May 21
Mamed Khalidov def. Matt Lindland via submission (guillotine choke), R1.
James Thompson def. Mariusz Pudzianowski via submission (arm triangle), R2.
Jan Blachowicz def. Toni Valtonen via submission (rear naked choke), R2.
Michal Materla def. James Zikic via unanimous decision.
Artur Sowinksi def. Cengiz Dana via unanimous decision.
Attila Vegh def. Grigor Aschugbabjan via TKO (knee), R2.
Marcin Rozalski def. Sergey Shemetov via TKO (doctor's stoppage), R1.

Play-by-play after the jump...

Middleweight: Mamed Khalidov vs. Matt Lindland

Round 1: Khalidov comes out firing. Very quick hands, and he clips Lindland immediately with a few shots. Lindland is able to clinch up, nearly tossing Khalidov into a bad spot on the ground. Khalidov avoids being put on the bottom, but Lindland closes his guard. Khalidov isn't putting up much offense on the floor as Lindland clamps down his legs. Lindland opens up and Khalidov hammers fists down. They get back to the feet, and Khalidov jumps guard, slaps on a guillotine and puts Lindland to sleep. Mamed Khalidov def. Matt Lindland via submission (guillotine choke) in Round 1.

Open WeightMariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson

Round 1: Here we go! Thompson doesn't bull charge, but clinches instead. Big mistake. Pudz grabs hold and buries Thompson into the ground. In side control against the ropes now, and Thompson transitions back to his feet. He's now pressing Pudz into the turnbuckle, and finally separates. Thompson throws a blow, then clinches once again. Perhaps this is a strategy to wear out Pudz. Knee from Thompson, and they separate. Pudz throws a giant overhand, somewhat glancing off Thompson's head. Another blow lands. Referee stops the action as Pudz has tape dangling from his glove. Action starts again, and Pudz is throwing huge overhands, trying to buckle Thompson. Thompson drives to the turnbuckle, Pudz defends, but Thompson throws Pudz to the ground into side control. Thompson working, but Pudz escapes. Pudz working franticly on the feet to blast Thompson. Wow... Pudz buries an uppercut into Thompson's chin, and Thompson is wobbled. Toe to toe now, Thompson is trying to survive. Pudz battering Thompson, and Thompson puts his hands down and eats three shots consecutively. What is going on? Pudz is breathing heavily now. Thompson's chin has got him through the onslaught. And he now takes down Pudz and mounts him. Incredible. Pudz gives up his back and Thompson sinks in the hooks. Poor technique though as Pudz escapes. Thompson rolls him back over into full mount however, blasting Pudz with punches from the top. Both men are exhausted, not much pepper on the blows. Wow, this is sloppy. Round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round to James Thompson narrowly (10-9)

Round 2: Here we go again. Pudz is visibly exhausted. Thompson being cautious though. Thompson gets the fight to the ground, in side control peppering Pudz's face with blows. And Pudzianowski taps? Worst arm triangle ever. Looked like he tapped due to gassing. James Thompson def. Mariusz Pudzianowski via submission (arm triangle)

Light Heavyweight: Jan Błachowicz vs. Toni Valtonen

Round 1: Valtonen wearing a rashgaurd. Interesting. And he gets taken down immediately by Blachowicz. Valtonen tries to immediately posture up, but Blachowicz drives him to the mat. Blachowicz in half guard now, and successfully transitions to side control. Valtonen rolls, and Blachowicz takes the back immediately, threatening with a choke now. Blachowicz locks down the body triangle, and this could be over quickly. Blachowicz is trying to power through a choke, but Valtonen survives. He lets up on the choke, and Valtonen sees it as an opportunity to try to escape. Nope. Blachowicz rolls with him, maintaining the body triangle. Blachowicz punches for a few seconds, then attempts the choke again. Valtonen is attempting to turn himself around to gain top control, but Blachowicz is maintaining. Valtonen finally turns himself around, now in top control. Two minutes remain in the round with Valtonen on top. Blachowicz is fishing for the submission, but Valtonen is doing a nice job of avoiding Blachowicz's limbs. Blachowicz is now buried in the ropes with Valtonen on top, avoiding most of the damage. Blachowicz postures up and flips Valtonen over his hip. Nice transition, and Blachowicz is blasting away. Valtonen is hurt, trying to survive to the end of the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 for Jan Blachowicz.

Round 2: Blachowicz with a neck snapping uppercut to start the round. Valtonen is getting peppered with jabs and combinations. He shoots, and Blachowicz sprawls quickly and falls into side control. After a few shots, Blachowicz transitions to mount, and Valtonen responds by giving up his back. Blachowicz sinks the hooks in immediately, locking in a body triangle. He locks in the choke, and Valtonen taps. Jan Blachowicz def. Toni Valtonen via submission (rear naked choke), Round 2.

MiddleweightMichal Materla vs. James Zikic

Round 1: Brief feeling out period before Materla lands a nice overhand right against the ropes. They separate, and Zikic now pressing the action. Zikic lands a couple of shots, but the more damaging blows are blocked by Materla. Exchanges at center ring ensue, neither fighter landing anything significant. At roughly the 2:30 mark, Materla shoots for a takedown, putting Zikic on his back. Materla in half guard, peppering Zikic with punches while driving his weight down. He postures up for a second, landing a shot to Zikic's head, then tries to transition to side control. Zikic stops him, and both fighters are in a stalemate for position. Materla can't seem to get his leg out, somewhat undecided whether he wants to punch or try to power out of half guard. He decides on the former, punching and locking control from the top. He postures up and lands a body/head combination, then lays back into the body. Easily wins the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Michal Materla.

Round 2: Zikic fires a combo, and Materla backs off. Then Materla blasts Zikic dead on the chin. Zikic stumbles backwards, and somehow survives the blow. He's wobbly on the feet, visibly hurt from the shot. Back to center, both fighters exchange blows. Materla is a bit tired, losing some speed in his punches. Zikic is firing now after being hurt, possibly sensing Materla's gas tank diminishing. Materla moves forward, misses an uppercut and eats a couple of counters for his trouble. More from Zikic, although he hasn't landed anything that has wobbled Materla. Materla with a nice knee along the ropes, and they separate. Both men landing shots, but Materla is now getting the better of Zikic with a body shot and follow-up overhand. Materla falls into Zikic during an exchange, and takes it to the ground. A minute and forty seconds left, the referee restarts them on the ground in the center of the ring. Not good for Zikic. Materla in side control, trying to remain active and control Zikic. Zikic tries to roll out of the position, but Materla maintains side control. Materla batters Zikic's body along the ropes to end the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Michal Materla.

Michal Materla def. James Zikic via unanimous decision.

Lightweight: Artur Sowinski vs. Cengiz Dana

Round 1: Both fighters enter center ring quickly, standing toe-to-toe immediately. Dana comes forward, eats a nice one-two from Sowinski. More peppering blows from Sowinski, but nothing too damaging. Reach is an obvious factor here in the first minute, Dana is going to have problems coming forward. Sowinski getting the better of the exchanges after two minutes of action. Dana lunges forward, a slight clash of heads, and then eats a punch from Sowinski that puts both fighters off balance. Both men scramble to their feet and reset. Sowinski is backing Dana into the ropes, and it's obvious he's intimidating Dana early in this fight with his combinations. Some leg kicks from Sowinski followed by a straight punch to the dome. Dana lands a lunging left, and nearly pays as Sowinski counters. Narrowly misses. Sowinski chases Dana around the cage, backs him into a corner, and Dana counters. Sowinski grabs a leg and tries to punch while having Dana hobbling on one limb. Round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round for Artur Sowinski (10-9)

Round 2: Sowinski starts the round where the last one ended, stalking Dana into the corner, digging a leg kick into Dana's leg. He's backed Dana near the turnbuckle, and Dana is stupidly staying there. Dana rushes out from the corner, clinches up, and Sowinski pulls guard. Dana inside the closed guard of Sowinski on the ground now, trying to do damage, but Sowinski has solid wrist control. Both men throwing punches with Dana resorting to the two to the body, one to the head gameplan. Slick! Sowinski transitions to an armbar, nearly snaps it off, but Dana escapes. Sowinski once again transitions, and Dana once again escapes. They scramble and get back to the feet after Dana tried a flying stomp to the body, Zaromskis' style. After some brief exchanges on the feet, both men clash and Dana eats a knee to the groin in the exchange. He's moaning in pain on the mat, camera is directly in his face. Looks like a mean taint shot. No wonder. Finally, we're back to action with 1:25 left. Dana dives under some punches from Sowinski for the takedown, but Sowinksi drives through it and gets top control. He immediately transitions and gets back control, threatening with the rear naked choke immiedately. Dana is defending as time winds down. Fifteen seconds left, and it looks like Dana will survive the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round for Artur Sowinski (10-9, 20-18)

Artur Sowinksi def. Cengiz Dana via unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Attila Vegh vs. Grigor Aschugbabjan

Round 1: Vegh comes forward first, firing a few punches and eating a counter from Aschugbabjan. Vegh falls backwards into the ropes, but regains his composure. A scramble ensues into the turnbuckle, but neither man lands. Back to center, Vegh throws a nice combination ending with a leg kick that spins Aschugbabjan. The second kick catches Aschugbabjan right in the family jewels however. Referee giving Aschugbabjan some time to recover. And we restart at the 4:05 mark. After some hesitant trading of blows, Vegh throws a knee/punch combination that lands. Aschugbabjan is trying to land a booming overhand right as Vegh throws the knee, narrowly missing. Vegh controlling the ring well, backing Aschugbabjan into the corner. Vegh throws another kick and catches Aschugbabjan in the groin along the ropes. Another foul. After a recovery period, we restart. Aschugbabjan throws a beautiful spinning kick and clips Vegh, then a head kick. Vegh falls to his back, but regains his feet after wrapping up guard and transitioning. Back to center, both fighters are hesitant to engage. A few blows later, and a scramble ensues in which Vegh lands a flying knee near the turnbuckle. Aschugbabjan escapes more damage, circling to center. Vegh landing more knees, although Aschugbabjan doesn't look affected. Aschugbabjan with a spinning kick that misses. A minute left in the round, and both fighters are trying to avoid being clipped by a fight-ending blow. Aschugbabjan comes forward and gets clinched to the floor by Vegh. Vegh in side control, posturing up to throw some ground and pound. Round ends with Vegh hovering over Aschugbabjan. Huge swings in that round. BloodyElbow.com scores it Attila Vegh, 10-9.

Round 2: Vegh bombing Aschugbabjan from the start, clinching from center and driving him into the turnbuckle. Aschugbabjan eats knee after knee in the clinch, and down he goes... referee stops the fight. Aschugbabjan's eye is closed. Looks like Aschugbabjan thinks he got eye poked. That was a barrage of knees, son. Attila Vegh def. Grigor Aschugbabjan via TKO (knee).

HeavyweightMarcin Rozalski vs. Sergey Shemetov

Round 1: Shemetov comes out firing, throwing huge overhands and a spinning kick. Rozalski eats blow after blow and falls backwards to the canvas. Shemetov mauls him in on the ground, but eventually falls into the ropes. The referee separates the fighters after Shemetov gets caught up in the ropes. Shemetov is winging huge overhands, missing most but catching Rozalski with a shot. Shemetov falls down, and it appears he has hurt his shoulder or tore his bicep. It looks like this is over. It's over, appears Shemetov's left arm is injured badly. Marcin Rozalski def. Sergey Shemetov via TKO (doctor's stoppage), 1st round.

SBN coverage of KSW 16

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