Chael Sonnen Fan Believes Chael Sonnen Punished Unfairly

Who is this woman?

At the end of Wednesday's CSAC hearing for Chael Sonnen, Marika Taylor stood up and let her voice be heard. She would not stand for the abuse of power she witnessed. She "pointed out evidence" and "recorded everything." This aggression would not stand!

Following the hearing, she went on a rampage on her Twitter account, promising: "I will show just how dangerous and flawed the commission is and I will have it dismantled." 

Ms. Taylor then went on Mauro Ranallo's show (transcript provided by Fight Opinion) where she called out Josh Gross, a man she "once considered a friend." Gross's mistake? Texting Keith Kizer during the December 2 hearing. 

She continued, "Six weeks ago, six weeks ago I believe it was, whenever it was, he was done! ... Well, Kizer makes one phone call to the California commission and because of him, all of a sudden, they not only just change their mind but just arbitrarily brand new decision decide with anyone inquiry, without anything at all whatsoever, they just decide that Chael is now indefinitely suspended."

So, who is Marika Taylor anyway?

Well, she hosts a show called Outside the Ring, which is described as "documentary style stories about the most exciting MMA fighters in the world." The latest (and only) post on the OTR Facebook page announces that Ms. Taylor has pitched the show into the hands of John Skipper, who is the "head of all Content" at ESPN. So that's nice.

Ms. Taylor's Twitter account reveals some interesting details. Prior to Wednesday, she tweeted sparingly since March 2. The account had remained dormant going all the way back to August 7. Does that date sound familiar to you?

Here are a couple of choice tweets from that night (emphasis mine):

-At ufc 117 second row from the cage on the floor... Pay per view starts now!
-Predictions;) sonnen, fitch, guida,almeida, dos santos
-Main event about to start..cmon chael! This ones for u!
-Chael and his peeps are waving anderson in..


[Update] From (emphasis again mine):

Marika has guest hosted on Sirius/XM radio "Fight Club" and Blackbelt Magazine online and recently helped her friend, #1 UFC Middleweight Contender, Chael Sonnen get the COVER of the December 2010 issue of Black Belt Magazine.


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