LATE NIGHT FIGHTS 15: B.J. Penn vs Takanori Gomi

Wow, my head feels like a truck ran it over. A word to the wise, dont get a fever, headache and try to type. Im misspelling every third. My friend went to Staten Island, as you know; this is a snapshot of Central SI.


She brought something back and was nice enough to share it with me. Ughh. Enough crying, lets get to the FIGHT!

Backround: BJ Penn is a boss. People defend guys all the time saying "How can you expect guys to risk their butt going for finishes yada yada yada this is a sport not pro wrestling. My response is "Alrite, 1) look at finishing rates by division. I understand GSP lately hasnt been lighting the world on fire in the finishes department. But i bet you his finishing rate is over the UFC welterweight average. Why people compare him to Cain and Bones and Fedor i will never know. 2) Lay n' Prayers gonna Lay n' Pray, but they shouldnt be angry if fans dont want to get get behind them (Queen Mo). Sometimes a guy blows his gas tank out going for the finish and needs to coast to the decision win (Mike McDonald v Edwin Figuroa) i get that and no hate from me. McDonald showed us a fighters heart, many times going after the finish on the feet and on the ground, no shame in that. A guy like BJ Penn has no LNP in his vocab, Balls to the wall, this guy has fought at pretty much every weight class imaginable. He has what it takes to be remembered forever. This is why Chuck was so popular, and Chris Lytle is a cult hero and Nik Lentz is the butt of jokes. Wow i got off topic, BJ PENN vs GOMI TAKANORI. Heady, Set, Fight!


BJ Penn 5-1-1 #1 in the world.

NW: Matt Serra, Caol Uno, Din Thomas

NL: Jens Pulver

ND: Caol Uno


Takanori Gomi 14-1 #2 in the world.

NW: Rumina Sato, Leo Santos, Chris Brennan, Dokojonosuke Mishima

NL: Joachim Hansen




Great fight, great finish. Penn smells blood and goes right after the RNC. Penn would go on to have a legendary career, fighting great fighters all around the world and eating good donuts all around the world. One of the most widely used mantras in MMA; "A motivated BJ Penn is a dangerous BJ Penn" Takanori Gomi would go on to be the Pride lightweight champ, and be one of the leading causes of 'PRIDENEVERDIEitis'

Debate time; in the comment section. Leave your thoughts on my LNP rant, is it accurate? am i suffering from Secondhand Staten Island air?



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