Random Awesome Fights: Takayo Hashi vs Cat Zingano at Outlaw MMA 05.14.11


Cat Zingano vs. Takayo Hashi went down this weekend just outside Denver, Co for the Outlaw MMA 125 lbs title. For those of you who don't know who Cat Zingano is, maybe you should go watch her choke a sucka out. Anaconda for the win! Cat came into this fight 6-0 in MMA competition, and coming off of beating of Carina Damm. C sat down with us not but a fortnight ago, entering a dangerous level of philosophical discourse- so you know who we were rooting for. The fact that she was battling a long time top 10, 13-3 grappling specialist wasn't going to make that easy. Hash was coming off two decision losses to Tara LaRosa and Sarah Kaufman, which is nothing to scoff at. Especially considering Hashi's size, and that fact that LaRosa and Kaufman both have a penchant for finishing their opponents.

This match intrigued me from the get go. Zingano's superior Muay Thai against Hashi's ability to force the clinch and positional superiority. I won't spoil what happens, but I will tell you this- Somebody seals the win with a very impressive finish.  Video after the jump.



Cat Zingano vs. Takayo Hashi Pt. 1 

Cat Zingano vs. Takayo Hashi Pt. 2 

A few comments from the peanut gallery...

- Takayo Hashi is a squirrelly little fighter. She has just dropped three in a row against two top 5 125ers and a top 5 135er. I hope that finally losing definitively will be enough to get her to adopt a Western diet and weight cutting regime. Hashi would be a good sized 115 lber. Her style would lend well to having a size/strength advantage

- I was very impressed with Hashi's ability to remain safe with Cat on top of her. Zingano is known for her bruuutal ground an pound, yet Hashi shut her down so badly in the third, that Cat eventually gave up and brought it back to the feet. Very impressive defensive guard.

- Cat Zingano has POWER! Anyone who has seen her GnP, or hip toss an opponent around knows this. But WOW! That wasn't a KO. That was a KTFO! Hashi was out cold a good 60 seconds there. Just brutal. 

- In all reality, Zingano is still new in the sport with three years and seven fights under her belt. She's visibly improving with every fight, and fixing old holes. I hope her top priority is keeping her hands up whiles standing though, especially is she is going to be fighting LaRosa soon

Cat Zingano talks KO of Takayo Hashi, upcoming Tara LaRosa fight.





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