Bloody Wraps - May 10: The One Where We Live in Gus Johnson Bizarro World

I would kill for there to be major MMA this weekend. UFC 129 could not feel like it was further in the past and UFC 130 could not feel further away. At least Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham is coming up Saturday, but if you're not into boxing you don't care about that. Anyway, on with the news...

Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland are going to court over the rights to Team Quest. That news was shared to you with a fantastic picture of old men in tights.

Warrior, a new MMA focused movie, is getting very positive reviews. It's a good thing that they are having a 16 man tournament featuring the best fighters in the world. I hope those two brothers with the complicated past don't face each other in the finals! Oh, they gave that part away in the trailer? Well, I certainly hope they learn a newfound respect for each other after their fierce battle.

Rick Hawn showcased a rare grasp on reality for a fighter, admitting that he simply did not do enough to get the win against Jay Hieron.

Leland Roling argued that the UFC should keep Strikeforce around. Why do I have a feeling that someone on staff will rebut his article tomorrow afternoon?

Mirko Filipovic says he's willing to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in Rio at UFC 134. That'd be a rematch of my favorite fight in MMA history, so despite Dana White saying Cro Cop wouldn't fight for them again I'm really hoping that it happens.

Andre Ward gave a few quick quotes to ESPN about having sparred with Nick Diaz. I don't find his comments to sound like he has a ton of confidence in Diaz's boxing, but it's entirely possible I'm reading too much into it.

- Despite my generally not caring for Gus Johnson's NCAA basketball work, I find it hilarious that he is moving to Fox to do NFL work while staying on at Showtime to do combat sports work. Gus' NCAA work: generally beloved. Gus' combat work: generally reviled. But I still don't find the story as funny as I found this tweet from Darren Rovell:

Gus Johnson really just said this: "I'm excited about, to borrow a LeBron James phrase, taking my talents to Hollywood."

Then again, Gus Johnson interrupted some fantastic action during Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido by screaming "NUTS AND GUTS!" So I guess a classy quote about a career move was a bit much to expect.

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