Fights to Make After UFC 129

Okay, all GSP hate aside, last night's fights were very good, and there is a lot we can take from them. From prospects to former champions, there are plenty of fights to be made. We can look forward to many good fights, should Mr. Joe Silva make good matchups.

Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger: This has fight of the night written all over it, and both are in the same kind of position. Each are good all around fighters, and can potentially be contenders for the title. They both are very promising and the winner of this fight should fight the winner of Mike Pierce vs. Johny Hendricks for a chance to fight a top-ten welterweight.

Eddie Wineland vs. Ivan Menjivar: Ivan seems to be ready for a step up in competition, and Wineland has experience against top-tier opposition. This would be very competitive, and the winner should get a fight against a top ten bantamweight.

John Makdessi vs. Anthony Njokuani: Two notable strikers, not quite ready for the top tier, both in similar positions.

Jason MacDonald vs. Jake Shields: I think Jake needs to move to middleweight, and although MacDonald seems like a huge step down from St. Pierre, it seems appropriate (at least to me). It is obvious Shields has a lot to work on, and this would give him an opportunity to do what he is good at while working on new striking techniques.

Ben Henderson vs. Sean Sherk: Sherk has seen it all, and I feel Ben Henderson still has something to prove. I am unsure of how the WEC guys will do against UFC fighters, and this would be a good gauge. 

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Brandon Vera: Both are middle-tier at best, and could be a who stays/who goes kind of fight.

Mark Bocek vs. Cole Miller: Both coming off losses after looking rather promising, this fight would be a good way to see who belongs fighting top tier lightweights.

Pablo Garza vs. Chan Sung Jung: Both have looked very good and can potentially be near the top of the division. This would be an exciting matchup between two well rounded, very talented fighters.

Lyoto Machida vs. winner of Shogun/Forrest: Could be a rubber match vs. Shogun, or an interesting matchup against Forrest. Either way, I would tune in.

Mark Hominick vs. Nam Phan: Although Hominick fought tooth and nail with Aldo, I think he should take a lower profile fight, and Nam Phan is just the guy. But don't count Phan out, as he can pull off an upset to move up the ladder in the featherweight division.

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes: Well, Jose defended the belt, and Mendes earned his shot at it.

GSP vs. Nick Diaz: This seems to be the only possible way to have an exciting GSP fight outside of Anderson Silva. It will either be really boring or really exciting, and it all depends on Nick's takedown defense and Jiu Jitsu offense and GSP's killer instinct.

These of course are my opinions, and I would like to see what you guys think would be good fights for fighters from UFC 129.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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