Eight Sided Debate: My UFC 129 Round-up.

UFC 129 is finally over and what an event! There were so many amazing finishes that I thought this was WEC 56 Live from Toronto.

Side 1: Redefining George Saint Pierre.

Can we please stop talking about GSP as some evolving super athlete who is changing the sport? GSP isn't going to become Anderson Silva, or even Jon Jones, and that's OK. It probably bums George out even more than his fans that he can't be this transcendent Uber Champion that can master all areas of the game the way he mastered wrestling, but why put the guy through so much grief?

It is what it is. And we should accept him for what he is; A great MMA wrestler with decent striking that compliments that wrestling.

Sure, George can throw a stiff jab and fight safe on the feet like he did with Koscheck, but it seems like his main goal here is have spectacular finishes.

"Don't blink", indeed. This time out it George was the one with the eye damage and Shields is suppose to be terrible at this whole striking business, so what does that tell you?

Not every fighter is born to be a finisher, or an elite level striker and the next generation is already here in Jon Jones. Just go back to the style that works for you George and embrace what made you champion in the first place. If it's boring, so be it.

At least you'll keep your poster boy face intact for the future.


Side 2: Jose got a real fight, and that's just what he needed.

I think it was very important for Jose to swim in some deeper waters to avoid any Carwin like problems. I know the Faber fight was five rounds, but that was primarily Jose setting the pace on his feet in a kickboxing match that was heavy on the kicks.

Blasting through guys and opening Vagina like head wounds in the first round is great, but Jose needs more seasoning before the semi-elite lightweights like Kenny Florian come gunning for him. Jose has the raw talent, we all know that, but this fight with Mark Hominick showed Jose where he needs to improve and where he is still strong.

Don't get me wrong though, he dominated the first four rounds, dropped Homi several times, and stayed out of any real trouble. Jose won this fight in impressive fashion coming off a small layover from a serious injury.

These are the fights that help champions develop and improve, and I'm glad Jose is getting it now instead of down the road when he could possibly be in over his head.


Side 3: Randy Couture loses a tooth and gains some perspective.

I think a lot of fans and the MMA community at large NEEDED to see Randy Couture knocked out to understand how far out of his depth he truly is now at the top of the light heavyweight division.

I've been saying this since the Brock fight, but Randy was cruising for a rude awakening by fighting sub-par and shop worn guys like Mark Coleman, and Brandon Vera and thinking he could still pull off a title victory like the old days. (I won't even mention the Toney fight because it was a massive joke.)

Ask Fedor.

The days of dominating a terrible heavyweight division as a LHW are over. Thank god.

At least Randy had the balls to go out to a killer like Machida whilst testing what he had left.


Side 4: What Spinning back fist?

I'm a little bummed that Dana White didn't give out more KOTN bonuses with so many spectacular finishes. I think Machida deserved to be singled out for such a brutal front kick, but come on! Menivar, Makdessi, and even Matyushenko and Pierson both deserved a little extra something, something from that 12 million dollar gate.


Side 5: Rory Macdonald Could be just what the Welterweight division really needs.

Nice striking, fancy slams, and the true grit of a real warrior. Macdonald is exciting and needs a step up ASAP.


Side 6: The Dragon is back Baby!

It's great to see Machida with a nice decisive win, even if it's over a guy who isn't on his level. Lets hope this is just what he needed to look for the finish more often and modify his unique skills to bring out the finishes.

Side 7: Diaz vs GSP needs to happen. Silva vs GSP is fading away.

The momentum is right and I think if you put Diaz in the same spot as Shields last night he would have fearlessly dismantled George on the feet. I'm sure GSP would have to try to take it to the ground but the questions need to be answered and we need to see this fight.

I think the momentum on the GSP vs Silva fight is fading into the background because of a lot of factors. Jon Jones is taking up a lot of that mental space now, and Silva just looks like too much of a task for George, not to mention GSP is very very hesitant to fight guys bigger than him.

It's sad when fights don't happen that need to happen for history's sake, but this fight can always come back when both men are different spots in their careers.

Side 8: Pablo garza for the win!

If you're not a fan of garza I'm not sure what's wrong with you. Amazing submimssion and all the best to this guy!

Great Card!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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