"C'mon baby!" Why I like Shields even more now

Jake Shields: thats my dawg



I've been on this site saying "dont count him out" to everybody and was one of the few who picked him to win. Those of us that did, knew it would have to take place on the mat, and we knew Shields standup is light years behind GSP's. None of us really believed Shields would win a 25 minute fight on the feet. I didn't think I would become a bigger fan of his, even if he shocked the non-believers and subbed GSP.

I watched 129 tonight with my homeboy and it was an awesome event. From Machida's kick to "The Janitor" getting a tko in like 30 seconds, I was pumped. Then it was the fight I have been waiting for over a year to see, GSP vs Shields.

I was on the edge of my seat when the 1st round started, and after seeing GSP throw 3 spinning back kicks, I knew his confidence was sky high. I kept waiting for Jake to shoot, but instead he caught a kick that he couldnt do anything with, so they never went to the ground. It was clear that GSP was way faster, landing several jabs and superman punches while taking breaks to do the Ali shuffle. The next two rounds were the same, but as the fight progressed, it was apparent that GSP was taking damage to the eye. Shields showed no confidence and when Rogan said he talked about pulling guard, I started to give up hope.

I believe it was around halfway through the 4th round, and I started to lean back in my chair. My homeboy found a friend who was dumb enough to bet 20 bucks on Shields without even knowing who Jake was, so he was happy. I said, " its starting to look hopeless", and literally about 20 seconds later...

Jake threw up his hands and said 'Come on baby', around 15,000 Canadians started to boo, and I loved it. Every Cali bred Shields fan loved it. Its what we do, when no one believes in you, when you have won several belts but you're still somehow a huge underdog, when earlier this month at StrikeForce even the crowd in your home state boo'ed you, when you've been eating superman punches all night and been dropped by a head kick, you throw up your hands and say 'thats it?' Cmon baby! The fight was pretty much a sealed decision at that point, with Shields fully aware that he will not be able to get on top of this dude. That's what made me appreciate it even more, he was basically telling George "come finish me", which gsp obviously couldn't do. That was pretty much the best part of the fight for me and most Shields fans, besides the good punches and hard body kicks Jake landed.

In the end, Shields lost a unanimous decision as 90 percent of the mma world predicted. But Jake actually brought the fight to St Pierre, hurt him, and basically shrugged off GSP's hardest shots. In the fallout, several of GSPs fans are upset and some are even shocked that their hero was significantly damaged striking with Jake.  Awesome

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