Legend FC Fight Videos: Mark Eddiva vs. Alex Lee, Kevin Belingon vs. Bayin Dalai and More

Lfc4_-_eddiva_460_mediumLegend FC recently made it's foray to the US MMA Pay-Per-View scene back in January. Now, Some footage from that Legend FC 4 event have just been released and they decided to feature this war between two talented fighters making their first jump to MMA. It was Hong Kong's home town hero, in Alex Lee, who aside from having numerous Muay Thai titles, recently won bronze on the 2010 World Kickboxing Championships, against the Philippines' Mark Eddiva, who has several international sanshou titles for Team Lakay Wushu, and has recently won the bronze medal in the 2010 Asian Games for Sanshou.

Check out how these two experienced martial artists with contrasting styles matched up against one another as they made their professional MMA debuts back in January 27, 2011.

After the jump, highlights from the entire Legend FC 4 event, plus bonus Legend FC 3 fight videos, Kevin Belingon vs. Bayindalai, Takuma Wakabayashi vs. Choi Yeong Gwang, Yang Zhuo vs. Kenny Yeung, and Ning Guangyou vs. Kwon A Sol, guaranteed to get your fix of Asian MMA.

Legend FC 4 Highlights:


Legend FC 3 Fight Videos:

Kevin Belingon vs. Bayindalai -- Belingon, who is one of the top bantamweight fighters in Asia, just won his most recent fight against Isaac Tuling on URCC XIX. Now, Legend FC recently releases footage of his last fight which happened on September 2010. Here's how Legend FC previews the fight:

Filipino Bantamweight Champion Kevin Belingon took home "Fight Of The Night" honors at Legend 2, and in the process won over the Hong Kong crowd with his superb performance against Korean prodigy Jo Nam Jin, whom he out-struck on his feet and controlled on the ground. Still undefeated after seven MMA bouts, Belingon has clearly cemented his position as one of the best Bantamweight fighters in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

His opponent at Legend 3 will be China’s Bayin Dalai. The winner of the 2008 Beijing Sanda Championship and the 2009 UMAC MMA Bantamweight Championship


Takuma Wakabayashi vs. Choi Yeong Gwang

Another successful veteran of both Legend 1 and 2, Wakabayashi is one of Japan’s most accomplished grapplers, having won both the Japan BJJ Open and the All-Japan Jiujitsu Championship. In his last bout in June, Wakabayashi executed his standard game plan perfectly: a quick takedown, powerful ground-and-pound, and a textbook rear naked choke, all within three minutes of the opening bell. He will be seeking to extend his perfect 4-0 MMA record at Legend 3.

Wakabayashi might finally have met his match in Korea’s Choi Yeong Gwang. After an unbeaten run in Spirit MC’s junior league, he debuted in their professional league at only 19-years old, fighting there eight times before putting his fighting career on hold while in the Korean army.


Yang Zhuo vs. Kenny Yeung

Hometown hero Kenny Yeung went straight back to training following Legend 2 and is confident that the lessons he has learned from his June outing will make him a stronger fighter, particularly at his new fighting weight of 66 kilograms in Legend’s Featherweight division.

Standing in his way with his own point to prove is China’s Yang Zhuo. Yang started his fighting career in Sanda and Muay Thai, winning Chinese national titles such as the Northeast China Sanda Championship and the BFX1 Muay Thai World Cup before making the transition to MMA. Since then, the heavy-handed striker has gone undefeated in five MMA bouts, earning several knockout victories with his particularly vicious left hook.


Ning Guangyou vs. Kwon A Sol

This will be Kwon’s third successive fight at Legend. This veteran of K-1 Heroes, Sengoku, and Spirit MC has quickly earned a reputation among Hong Kong fans as one of the most exciting lightweight fighters in the region. His Legend 2 contest against Rob Hill was an action-packed three-round slugfest in which he ultimately edged the Australian via a unanimous decision victory. A win at Legend 3 will guarantee the young Korean brawler a shot at Adrian Pang for Legend’s Lightweight Championship.

Standing in Kwon’s way is China’s Ning Guangyou, one of China’s most elite Greco-Roman Wrestlers, with a 67-5 competitive record in Wrestling, and whose titles include National City Games Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion, Shandong Province Wrestling Champion, Hebei Province Wrestling Champion, and Beijing Submission Wrestling Champion.

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