Exclusive URCC XIX: Collision Photo Gallery


BloodyElbow.com was on site for the biggest MMA show in Asia this month. We first gave out the URCC XIX: Collision results and recap post, and now I give you an exclusive image gallery that documents the exciting event. The show was headlined by a pinweight (119 lbs) bout between the young and exciting Alvin Ramirez, and undefeated Wushu expert, Roy Docyogen, but as you see on the photo above, Jessie Rafols was the one who stole the show.

This was the first event since the athletic commission allowed the use of elbows, and the new URCC interim bantamweight champion put it to good use. Rafols put a savage beatdown on his opponent, Hideo "Death From Tokyo" Morikawa that had his forehead squirting blood all over the ring.

There are a lot more photos after the jump, so do check them out.

SBN coverage of URCC XIX: Collision

Roy Docyogen vs. Alvin Ramirez - URCC Pinweight Championship

Alvin Ramirez of Yaw Yan fought his heart out in an excellent 20 minute war, but Roy Docyogen of Lakay Wushu was just too good and too strong. Docyogen improves to 9-0 with the decision victory and is now one of the longest reigning champs in Asia.





Angelito "the Saint" Manguray vs. Honorio Banario - URCC Lightweight Championship

Team Lakay Wushu got another champion in their stable, as Honorio Banario defeated the crowd favorite in Angelito Manguray to win the URCC lightweight championship by rear naked choke





Jessie Rafols vs. Hideo Morikawa - Interim URCC Bantamweight Championship

He took down Hideo "Death from Tokyo" Morikawa early on this interim bantamweight championship bout, and made quick work of him. He got mount and landed elbow after elbow, making Morikawa's head cut up and flow like a faucet. Shortly after, he ended the fight with a rear naked choke.




Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon vs. Isaac Tuling - 135 lb Super-Fight

Tuling tried to stay in the pocket and counter with a big shot every time Belingon threw a kick, but "The Silencer" was just too quick and unorthodox. He kept his opponent guessing where the next kick was going to land, until he eventually executed a perfectly timed head kick that dropped Tuling. Kevin exploded and swarmed him, forcing the ref to stop the bout. Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon improved to 9-0, and continued to prove his case as one of the best fighters in Asia.



Christian Luna vs. Frank Navarro

Chris Luna of Deftac quickly took Frank Navarro down, transitioned to mount, threw a ton of punches that made his opponent tap.


Reydon "The Filipino Bolo Punch" Romero vs. Franz Altarejos

Reydon Romero lived up to his nickname. He quickly landed a huge bomb that dropped Franz Altarejos of Deftac, and immediately followed up with massive hammerfists that KO'ed his opponent within 46 seconds


Andrew Benibe vs. Michael Dan Rubio

Rubio was able to get on top on the second round, but then Benibe pulled off a beautiful rubber guard, and eventually transitioned to a triangle finish that would've made Eddie Bravo proud.


Jilmar Tangayan vs. Agustin Delarmino

These two fighters engaged in an all out war, that left both fighters worn out and beaten up by the end of it all. Jilmar Tangayan won a somewhat controversial split decision over Agustin Delarmino, after the latter had a point deducted.



Karl Rodriguez vs. Dowen Dela Tonga

Karl Rodriguez was the first fighter to effectively use elbows in the URCC. He quickly took down Dowen Dela Tonga, landed a ton of elbows, and eventually choked him out, winning by rear naked choke


Bernard Soriano vs. Charles De Tomas

Bernard Soriano looked extremely calm and he quickly defeted Charles De Tomas with a choke


Bonus photo - Ring Announcer Boyet Sison and the URCC/Colt45 Ring Girls


I did most of the editing, but all photos here were taken my brother, Paolo Tabuena.

Again, don't forget to check out the complete URCC XIX: Collision results and recap post, but for those interested, here are the official results:

Match Winner Loser Method Round Time
1 Bernard Soriano Charles De Tomas Submission (Brabo Choke) 1st 1:33
2 Karl Rodriguez Dowen Dela Tonga Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1st 2:30
3 Jilmar Tangayan Agustin Delarmino Split Decision 2nd 10:00
4 Andrew Benibe Michael Dan Rubio Submission (Triangle Choke) 2nd 3:17
5 Reydon Romero Franz Altarejos KO (Punches) 1st 0:46
6 Christian Luna Frank Navarro TKO (Punches) 1st 1:44
7 Kevin Belingon Isaac Tuling TKO (Kick and Punches) 1st 6:25
8 Jessie Rafols Hideo Morikawa Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1st 3:27
9 Honorio Banario Angelito Manguray Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 2nd 8:48
10 Roy Docyogen Alvin Ramirez Unanimous Decision 2nd 10:00
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