World MMA Heavyweight Scouting Report: #2 - Shamil Abdurahimov

At #2 on the 2011 World MMA Scouting Report, Shamil Abdurahimov (12-1) lands on our countdown as one of the most promising prospects out of Russia. The 28-year-old Dagestan-native is enjoying a six-fight win streak that includes wins over Jeff Monson, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, and Marcos Oliveira. Those victories secured him the Abu Dhabi Fighting Championships open weight Grand Prix crown last month, making a case that Abdurahimov may be ready for the big show.

Offensive Skills: Shamil's offensive skill-set relies heavily on his ground skills. Most notably, he possesses a solid takedown game, relentless ground and pound, and good control from the top position. He isn't a prolific submission artist, but he does have the skill to threaten when the opportunity arises. He has proven in the past that his stand-up skills can do damage, utilizing a quick straight right hand that has found its mark frequently in the ring.

Defensive Skills: On the ground, Shamil has an uncanny ability to escape bad positions. In many of his past bouts, he's found himself full mounted, only to escape with a panicky crab crawl that keeps his opponents busy trying to maintain the position rather than throw strikes. It's quite effective, although it would be more efficient to avoid being mounted in the first place. That's just one example however. Shamil is difficult to control on the floor, relentlessly moving to escape and reverse positions. Those defensive skills give him extra opportunities to produce offense, despite being initially put into dangerous spots.

Progression: After watching an enormous amount of tape on Shamil, it's difficult to assess exactly where the improvements are in his game. One of the obvious improvements is his striking skills. He's still prone to throwing a straight lead right, but it's become a bit quicker and more accurate with time. On the ground, he continues to be a relentless escape artist who presses the pace and constantly attacks his opponents. That style has worked well for his entire career.

Environment: Shamil is one of the few Russian prospects who has remained independent from M-1. He fights out of Makhachkala, Dagestan under Peresvet FT. The team is headed by Oleg O. Timirbekov, a Master of Sports in boxing and unarmed combat, and Jambul Dzadzamiya, a world champion in karate.

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Potential: On the surface, Shamil doesn't look the part of a world class heavyweight prospect. At 6'3", 230 lbs., he's at a weight in which there is some question as to whether he would entertain the thought of moving down to light heavyweight. But when you look at his body of work inside the ring or cage, Shamil has skills that other heavyweights on our countdown don't possess. He has an undeniable knack for evading submissions and punches on the ground, skillful takedowns, above average striking, and a survivability that keeps him in fights when it looks like he may be in imminent danger of being finished. The combination of those talents has led to his success, and hopefully will lead to his inclusion on an international UFC card in the future.


Shamil Abdurahimov vs. Marcos Oliveira

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Shamil Abdurahimov vs Mikhail Rutskiy

Shamil Abdulmuslimov vs. Shamil Abdurakhimov

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Shamil Abdurahimov vs Roman Mirzoyan

Shamil Abdurahimov vs Roman Savochka

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