LATE NIGHT FIGHTS 7: Fedor vs Haseman, Korean Zombie Illegal Spinning Backfist KO

Bloody Elbow is the premier MMA community, and it is because every single user brings something to the table whether in the form of humerous banter or expert knowledge in one of the martial arts. Being a huge fight fan, i believe this is my contribution tothe BE community. LATE NIGHT FIGHTS as a series was created in order to highlight great classics and those fights that are often cited but rarely seen as well as the past,present and future legends of MMA in their early non UFC or non MMA bouts. - KJJ

Backround: This is the RINGS Heavyweight final Match. Fedor has defeated Ryushi Yanagisawa and Lee Hasdell. Haseman has beaten Koba Tkeshelashvili and Egidijus Valavicus. Fedor is now an established veteran of RINGS having fought all of his 10 fights there. Haseman is even more of a RINGS veteran this having been his 26th fight under the banner.



Fedor 9-1

NW: Ricardo Arona, Renato Sobral

NL: Tsuoshi Kohsaka

NA: RINGS King of Kings 2nd round 1999.


Chris Haseman 18-11

NW: Elvis Sinosic, Alexandre Ferreira, Alexander Otsuka, Joe Slick

NL: Jeremy Horn, Matt Hughes, Valentijn Overeem, Murilo Bustamante, Mario Sperry





Both fighters touch gloves. Fedor immediately with a punch that drops Haseman. Fedor goes to his neutral corner and Haseman is given his count. Hasemen recovers and we fight on. Fedor misses with a big overhand right and Haseman nails a single leg takedown off of it. Emelianenko gets up but Haseman slams him right back down. Chris has back control then turns Fedor over and keeps domenint postion in side control. Fedor bucks and Haseman stays with him, now in North-South. Fedor reverses and Haseman gets up. Haseman with a nice single leg-trip combo and Fedor is down but gets back up. Fedor throwing bombs and Haseman gets a double leg stuffed. Chris throws a kick, Fedor times it and throws a punch and Haseman slips to the ground. Haseman looking for a leg lock, Emelianenko defends and Chris is still looking for it. Fedor now in side control, tries to latch in a guillotine and Haseman has none of it. Haseman gets up. Fedor drops Chris with a big punch and thats it. Points win for Fedor and he is the RINGS Champion



Aftermath: Haseman went 2-4 following this loss. All quality opponets in Bill Mahood,Akihiro Gono, Mike Van Arsdale and Evan Tanner. Haseman remains a pioneer of Aussie MMA.Fedor went 21-2 following this match beating a ton of good fighters en route to a decadelong unbeaten streak. He most recently lost to Antonio Silva at Strikeforce New Jersey; a card i was lucky enough to see live!

Our dessert for the night is a kickboxing match including the Korean Zombie KO'ing his opponet with a nasty spinning back fist. To get a little backround on KZ lets look at this very poorly translated Sengoku profile.


Now getting kickboxing records is extreamly tedious, there is no fight finder like MMA has unfortunatelty. 


Chan Sung Jung: 11-6 (total)


NL: Pajonsuk (this fight)


 Angkhan "Pajonsuk" Chomphuphuang (this fight)

Pajonsuk: 122-28-11 (at time of CSJ fight)

NW: Mohammed Aghaei, Kaolan Kaovichit, Stjepean Velasic, Eduard Folayang

NL: Kaolan Kaovichit, 

NA: 3 Time Muay Thai Champ, Gold Medalist at Wushu, Olympic Boxer (made it to the Quarterfinals before he was upset by eventual Bronze Medalist - see Below)



Aftermath: Its a shame that is an illegal move, nonetheless impressive. Its pretty interesting to hear the announcers say every word in japanese except for spinning back fist. 


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Until next time. Go GSP!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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