Bloody Wraps - April 27: Jake Shields Has No Chance and Other Observations

UFC 129 is right around the corner. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for the show. But at the same time, I completely expect the main event to be a blowout. There's been a lot of talk suddenly from fans and media alike that are giving Shields a really good chance, I just can't get on board with that though. I'll leave my full prediction for Friday afternoon, but don't expect any surprises from me on that fight.

Anton Tabuena led the day off with How's Taste My Tweet Tweet. He also led that piece off with one of his own tweets. If his poster work wasn't so damn good I'd give him more grief for that.

- KJ Gould continued his really fascinating look at Jake Shields' American jiu-jitsu. As fascinating as KJ's breakdowns have been, they're not even kind of swaying me to think Jake has the remotest chance in hell of winning this fight.

- The UFC 129 press conference was today. We had live video and have a ton of quotes from the event. Shields says he is ready to shock some people. Not gonna happen. You guys getting a feel for how competitive I think this fight is going to be?

The UFC and convention organizer Reed Exhibitions got sued by Hobby Star for the use of Hobby Star's trademarked Fan Expo event name. Regardless of the outcome of the legal action, the (currently named) UFC Fan Expo will still happen.

Jonathan Snowden previewed M-1 Challenge XXV. Hey...somebody had to do it.

Kid Nate continued his look at the "other side" of Randy Couture. This one was much less harsh and really gets to the fact that Couture was the man who could have changed MMA as we know it but the timing was all wrong.

- Kid Nate compiled links to almost every technique piece and Judo Chop we've ever done on Lyoto Machida so as to ask the question: Has Lyoto Machida Been Figured Out?

Dallas Winston gave a great breakdown of Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson. I'm really excited for that fight. That, plus the sadly overlooked Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald bout make this a really great show.

- Snowden also had an interesting take on Luke Thomas' interview with Ben Henderson.

Finally, The Ultimate Fighter was on tonight. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet (read: I didn't care enough to watch it live). Will this week match the riveting intensity of someone being offended by Brock Lesnar's ham handed motivational speaking?

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