Well if that isnt the biggest bait and switch headline this side of Snowden. *duck & cover* But as promised we have a Jon Fitch finish. But first lets take a peek at the only time the notoriously hard chinned Purdue Wrestler has been KO'd and what a glorious KO it is!

Jon Fitch: 2-1

Notable Wins: None

Notable Loses: Mike Pyle

Notable Accomplishments: None

Wilson Gouveia: 2-0


Notable Wins: None

Notable Loses: None

Notable Accomplishments: None


Jon Fitch x Wilson Gouveia (via rgma)

As you can see early Fitch was a pretty exciting fighter (in my opinion anyway). It could help that he had success early in career finishing this fight by KO.

Jon Fitch: 2-0

Eric Tix: 1-0

Eric Tix v Jon Fitch - Ultimate Wrestling (via fightrumors)

From Fitch to Anti-Fitch. Nick Diaz is the antidote to 30-27 wrestlefucking matches. An exciting fighter and technical master of the stand up and ground game. Everyone used to say that keeping his hands down would get him in trouble, and in this fight it had. 

Nick Diaz 4-0

Notable Wins: Chris Lytle

Jeremy Jackson 4-2

Notable Wins: Zach Light

Notable Losses: Jake Shields, Joe Stevenson

Nick Diaz v Jeremy Jackson 1- UA 4 KOTM (via WorldWideMMAFights)

Ouch, well that has to hurt, but everyone loves a happy ending. Even the 209!

WEC 6 - Welterweight Title Fight

Nick Diaz: 5-2

NW: Chris Lytle

NL: Jeremy Jackson, Kuniyoshi Hironaka

Jay Hurley 11-3

NW: Yves Edwards

NL: Gil Castillo, Vitor Ribiero

I sure hope you guys enjoyed our latest installment of LATE NIGHT FIGHTS! (now with 80% more CAPSLOCK!) I apologize for the scattered nature of the set up. The penultimate week before final exams at a large research university (hows that for K1 level typing MDH? haha) is hectic and Advanced Calc will be the death of me. Expect a more structured consistent layout with Backrounds, Play by Play and Aftermaths in the summer.


Friday on LATE NIGHT FIGHTS: Fedor Emelianenko vs Chris Haseman for the RINGS Hw title, and your choice of a second fight! Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez tapping out Rodrigo Nogueria at a Grappling competition or a certain lovable Korean Zombie getting DQ'ed from a kickboxing match for knocking out his opponent with a illegal Spinning Backfist. Cheers! Vote!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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