Need your help BE,should I drop college to chase pro MMA?

OK...I'm a Chinese kid. Born in 1991, 20 years old now.

Started following MMA since 2009 and I totally fell in love with it.

Now I have a stupid thing in my mind, that is I wanna be a pro.

I know it's stupid but I don't wanna do any other job now. Should I or shouldn't I?

Here's some stats:

20 years old, height is 5'11 or rough 6' barefoot, 73in reach. weigh 140 right now. Don't know my BF% but it should be pretty low.

I know I'm a lanky kid but then I saw someone like Jon Jones or Josh Grispi, so...

Haven't really been pushed in lifting, so my stats is 180 for benchpress, 300 for squat, and 220 for deadlifting, all at 135lbs.

I see myself going up to 160lbs so I can cut down to 145lbs and I will be a big boy there(@145lbs division). I know asian guys usually don't cut weight but I think weightcutting is important. And my weightlifting stats should be 220/400/250 by then.


I brought up dropping college, cuz in China, basically only two major cities(Beijing and Shanghai) have decent MMA/BJJ training. In any other cities it's Karate/TKD/Sanda/Boxing at best. In my home city, which isn't a bad city at all, there's no boxing gym.

So if I wanna get good training, I have to go to BJ or SH, or even the states.

Right now I'm at college, met two friends, one MT guy and one BJJ guy(a blue belt).

I roll with the BJJ guy every week, got dominated pretty bad :), cuz he got more training than me, and also weigh a good amount of 180 pounds.

I sparr with muay thai guy now, 1~2 hours a day, but he can only hold pads for me. He blew up his knee and had to give up his career, so he cannot really sparr with me.

These two guys are all the training I can get, and I also do some MMA-oriented S&C, I self-train everyday.

I got two years in college ahead of me.

Should I drop college and move to big cities for training, or should I wait?

Give me your thoughts BE,thx.

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